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How to ensure the safety of an acrylic fish tank - leyu acrylic

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Even after you've decided what thickness of acrylic is best to use for your aquarium, there are several safety measures you should consider to make it last longer. These include:

Assembly process



Regular maintenance

Assembly process

When making an acrylic fish tank, the acrylic sheets should not stick together. Instead, they are welded together through a chemical process. So, make sure you don’t have any glue or silicone on your tank.

Additionally, aquarium pieces of this type are typically not parallel or flat, and the parts must withstand constant pressure during assembly. It is best to hire a professional service person who is experienced in the welding process and use high-quality materials.

If not handled properly, solvent bubbles and puddles may develop.


As mentioned before, placement plays an important role in choosing acrylic thickness and ensuring the safety of your aquarium. First, you must choose an ideal location that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Remember, this material is still made of plastic and is not UV resistant. So, when exposed to constant UV rays, it starts to develop a yellowish tint, disrupting clarity. (If you choose Leyu Acrylic, you will not have such worries. The acrylic panels produced by Leyu Acrylic have UV resistance and can effectively avoid this problem)

Although acrylic aquariums can be built within walls, you should make sure there isn't too much activity around them. This will prevent your fish tank from being damaged and scratched. Although acrylics have better impact resistance, they can be scratched easily.

Next, you should carefully measure the space. Plan your fish tank according to your desired location to avoid any difficulties later. You can easily calculate how thick an acrylic wall should be with the right proportions. Don’t neglect this step as it will ensure your fish tank is strong and durable.

Finally, you can set up your aquarium and connect your pipes easily. This will be beneficial in the long run when you need water changes and regular maintenance.

Acrylic aquarium window - installation

Acrylic aquarium window - installation

Acrylic aquarium window - installation

Acrylic aquarium window - installation

Acrylic aquarium window - installation

Acrylic aquarium window - installation

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is a must for any aquarium. You should also know how to care for it after learning how thick an acrylic aquarium needs to be? This will further improve the quality of the aquarium and ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Part of the normal maintenance process includes a thorough cleaning of the fish tank. This process involves carefully picking which chemicals are suitable for your acrylic fish tank.

Since the structure of this material is very porous, it can easily absorb any toxins that might compromise its integrity. Regardless of the thickness of the panel, always use compatible cleaning supplies.

You should also pay close attention to the chemical balance of your water to further ensure its safety. This is crucial for your fish and tank, so do it regularly.

In addition, you should avoid putting too many fish in the fish tank, not only fish but also decorations. If you don't have enough space to clean your fish tank, you might damage it in the process.

Many decorations have rough edges that can scratch the wall when pressed against it. Luckily, we offer scraping services.

Again, the thickness of the acrylic sheet won't prevent this, so it's largely up to you.

In conclusion

How thick does acrylic need to be for an aquarium? After discovering it, make sure you get exact measurements for your tank. This will help you calculate the ideal thickness based on height, length, water pressure, and structural integrity.

Remember, having a high-quality and safe aquarium ensures that no harm comes to your fish and the aquarium itself.

If you need help with this process, always contact a professional service that can get the job done for you. However, make sure they have long-standing experience in designing custom aquariums with high-quality materials. (Leyu Acrylic, with more than 20 years of experience in the aquarium industry, is very happy to help you)

Finally, maintain your acrylic fish tank regularly to ensure it lasts longer!

Acrylic aquarium window - manufacture

Acrylic aquarium window - manufacture

Acrylic aquarium window - manufacture

Acrylic aquarium window - manufacture

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