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How to build an acrylic aquarium?

Acrylic Ocean Park project is a comprehensive acrylic aquarium, in addition to the acrylic aquarium, there are landscape Windows, acrylic tunnel. In such a complex, Leyu has completed nearly 80 acrylic engineering projects around the world, and the projects are distributed around the world. Leyu can provide services: design - acrylic production - packaging - logistics - site installation - maintenance.

Steps To Build An Acrylic Aquarium


Conceptualization and Planning

Determine Ocean Park Public aquarium Acrylic Aquarium and size of the aquarium, considering factors like available space, desired marine life, and visitor experience. Work with aquarium designers and marine biologists to create a detailed plan.

Structural Design

Acrylic aquarium manufacturers.Engage with structural engineers who specialize in aquarium construction. They will design the tank, taking into account the water pressure, load-bearing capacity, and safety requirements. Acrylic panels are commonly used for their strength and transparency.

Material Selection

Acrylic is a popular choice for aquariums due to its strength, clarity, and ability to withstand the pressure of the water. Work with suppliers who provide high-quality acrylic sheets suitable for large-scale aquariums.Acrylic aquarium manufacturers are manufacturers of acrylic sheets, such as Leyu Acrylic Factory, the acrylic sheets produced by their factories are specially used to make aquarium products. Such as tunnels, ocean parks, large fish tanks.


Skilled professionals will assemble the acrylic panels according to the design and engineering specifications. The panels are bonded together using specialized adhesives and techniques to ensure a watertight seal.

Filtration and Life Support Systems

I nstall a robust filtration system to maintain water quality and provide a suitable environment for the marine life. This may include mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration components, as well as temperature control and lighting systems.

Habitat Creation

Work with marine biologists and aquarists to design and create a suitable habitat within the aquarium. This involves adding appropriate substrates, rocks, corals, and other elements to mimic the natural environment of the marine species intended to be housed.

Acclimatization and Introduction of Marine Life

Carefully introduce the marine life into the aquarium, ensuring that they are acclimated to their new surroundings and the water parameters are suitable for their well-being.

Testing and Monitoring

Regularly test and monitor water parameters, such as temperature, pH, salinity, and ammonia levels, to ensure optimal conditions for the marine life. Make necessary adjustments to maintain water quality.

Visitor Experience

Create viewing areas and educational displays around the aquarium to enhance the visitor experience. Provide informative signage and interactive exhibits to educate visitors about the marine species and conservation efforts.

important to note

It is important to note that building an acrylic aquarium of this scale is a complex and specialized undertaking.Leyu Acrylic Factory is an acrylic aquarium builder with rich experience.Ocean Park Public aquarium Acrylic Aquarium,It requires collaboration between architects, engineers, aquarium specialists, and marine biologists. It is crucial to comply with local regulations and consult with experts throughout the process to ensure the safety and welfare of the marine life and visitor.

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