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Aquarium Installations

Leyu Arylic aquariums create happy, memorable and talked-about features in all kinds of spaces, from children’s hospitals and airport lounges to shopping malls, fish markets, offices, high-end restaurants, resort experiences and hotel lobbies.
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How to install acrylic sheet?

Leyu Acrylic factory has a wealth of installation experience, whether it is acrylic aquarium project, or acrylic swimming pool project, Leyu factory can guarantee: after installation, acrylic project no seepage, 20 years of quality assurance.

Installation Steps

Step1: Acrylic Sheet In Place

Each construction site, there needs to be an independent, closed space to store acrylic sheets, which can be a good protection of acrylic sheets and acrylic products, as well as installation tools, sealant and other accessories.

From the construction site to the installation site, acrylic needs to be shifted, if it is not possible to use large lifting machinery, you can use pulleys, hydraulic vehicles, slings and other auxiliary tools to help acrylic transfer, if you need to move higher, you need to erect wire ropes in the air, the use of hand hoist for transfer. Sometimes, according to the site conditions, our workers make their own iron trolley to help the acrylic shift.

When the acrylic sheet reaches the installation position, if it is a large window, we need to add a lifting point at the top, use a rope, and lift the acrylic into the installation slot with a hand hoist.

Step 2.

The slot is filled with non-telescopic grouting material, so that the acrylic sheet is fixed.

Step 3.

Clean the installation slot, fill the sealant, sealant must be suitable for underwater use.
Throughout the installation process, the surface of the acrylic sheet must have protective measures, which can be a film or a soft protective layer. After the installation, the entire installation area can be used as a protective layer with multi-layer panels until the end of the entire project construction, which can protect the acrylic sheet well.

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