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Our Story

Explored 30 regions and countries. Involved with acrylic aquariums for more than 25 years.
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Some Key Moments In Leyu's Growth

In the past 27 years, we have built our company into a one-stop supplier of Custom Aquariums(Acrylic Aquarium), Aquarium Tunnel, Acrylic Window, Underwater Restaurant Project, Acrylic Swimming Pool, Acrylic Drifting River . Scroll through our history to see some of our corporate highlights.

Making Employees and Business Greater Since 1996​​​​​​

  • 2021
    • After more than 20 years of accumulation, Leyu plexiglass has grown from that small seed to a towering tree, carrying the hope of more than 120 employees, actively participating in technical exchange activities with domestic and foreign counterparts, and constantly learning the advanced production technology from abroad, combine the actual situation, courage to try and be creative. Now we have the ability to produce ultra-long and extra-thick panels, and we are in a leading position in the acrylic industry at home and abroad.
      This year, we undertook various projects at home and abroad, and broke our own record---completed the 360-degree panoramic cylindrical aquarium of Quancheng underwater world (the largest cylindrical tank in Asia at that time)
  • 2008
    • This year is a year for every Chinese to be proud of. The 29th Olympic Games was successfully held in Beijing, China.
      The year is also a year for Leyu people to be affirmed. In that year's Aquarium Annual Meeting, we stood out as the second professional manufacturer to build the aquarium in the industry by virtue of our professional technical level and outstanding business capabilitiesManufacturer.
      Growth requires a broader world and a broader vision. Under such an opportunity, Jiale Zhu decided to enter the international market and push Leyu plexiglass-- a small sapling, to the world's big stage.
  • 2003
    • The young sapling will always grow into a towering tree one day, and the little boy will always have the moment to face the world alone. The thin basketball board grows into a thick sea view window in a special opportunity, and the long underwater tunnel is connected with curved panels one by one. Decorating a uniquely designed swimming pool, adorning a large fish tank with mansions and shopping malls... and all of this starts from the place called Shenyang Undersea World. This time is both a turning point and a challenge. In countless days and nights, in bubbles, after iterative failures, we have realized the dream of moving the sea into the room and having deep contact with the sea at zero distance.
      Later, Nantong Aquarium, Yiwu Aquarium and Hefei Hanhai Polar Ocean World..
      appeared one after another.
  • 2001
    • After the precipitation of time, Leyu plexiglass got the initial growth. The old farmer handed the small seedling to Jiale Zhu. In the same year, his son Harley Zhu was also born. He took care of these two small lives (the factory and the child). )--For the development of the factory, work hard to expand the business; create a favorable environment for the growth of children; and create more opportunities for the workers who rely on the factory to make a living. Jiale Zhu shoulders the burden of dreams, affection, and responsibility. Usher in a new journey.
      Also this year, our motherland successfully bid for the Olympics!
  • 1996
    • That year, an old farmer buried a seed called Leyu plexiglass in the soil. That was the earliest Leyu plexiglass. At first, it only produced some acrylic sheets for basketball boards, telephone booths and door handles... At that time, no one would have thought that the size of the panel could be extended indefinitely after twenty years, add a sense of design to the pool, and even connect the two worlds.

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