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Treatment Methods

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Treatment Methods

According to the degree of damaged part on the acrylic surface which need to be repaired, carry out mechanical grinding, manual grinding, polishing and cleaning on acrylic surface.
The specific steps are as follows:
1) According to the depth of the surface rough path, select the disc sand (circular sand paper) with suitable mesh to be bonded to the grinder, keep the grinder flush with panel for grinding. Generally, the steps of mesh is used from P80, P120, P180, P320 to P600. When using 80 mesh to grinding, please make sure that the rough path on the original acrylic surface must be completely polished before using 120 mesh. When using 120 mesh to grind, the area part on the surface ground by original 80 mesh disc sand can be appropriately expanded, and so on.(As shown in the below pictures.)

2) After mechanical grinding, sand paper shall be used for grinding. Grinding on acrylic surface shall be carried out with water and P600, P800, CC-1000, CC-1200, CC-1500 and CC-2000 sand paper respectively.

3) After polishing, clean the panel surface with clean water, and then dry it with a soft cotton towel. After the panel surface is completely dry, use a polishing machine for polishing. Wax the cloth wheel and then polish the polished surface orderly.

4) Check it again after polishing. If there is any place where doesn't recover, follow the above steps again. If there are no defects, clean the plan with clean water.

For Example

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