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Leyu specialises in the production of rectangular fish tanks, the size is customised according to the size provided by the customer, the acrylic sheet used for the fish tank is made of liquid raw material from Mitsubishi, Japan, and the transparency reaches more than %93, which is up to the international standard, and the top of the fish tank is made of European style bracket, and if the customer has any special requirements, such as the top of the tank is made of stainless steel European style bracket, Leyu is able to produce it as well.

Regarding the square fish tank, if it is made of acrylic sheet with more than 30mm thickness, the splicing process adopts propriety polymerisation, so that the width of the acrylic fish tank must be guaranteed to be more than 600mm.

Rectangular Fish Tank Customer regular custom size:

L 2000mm X W600mm X H900mm

L 2500mm X W600mm X H1200mm

L 2800mm X W600mm X H1200mm

L 3000mm X W600mm X H1500mm

L 5000mm X W1000mm X H1800mm

Rectangular Fish Tank

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