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Our Modern Acrylic Aquariums Plant

Through our modern manufacturing services, we reduce your costs, speed up your custom aquariums to the market, and help you gain a competitive edge.
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Your Custom Aquarium Manufacturer

Leyu Acrylic is a professional leading Custom Aquariums(Acrylic Aquarium), Aquarium Tunnel, Acrylic Window,Underwater Restaurant Project, Acrylic Swimming Pool, Acrylic Drifting River manufacturer in China, always putting the quality of products in first place. Has the 25+ years of manufacturing experience. We can produce various kinds of panels within 20-800mm thickness, which can be seamlessly connected into any length. which can be seamlessly docked, allowing the acrylic sheet to be extended indefinitely.

We have production experience in more than 100+ aquariums and can provide mature on-site installation services and technical support. Leyu acrylic factory is worthy of your trust.

High Quality Manufacturing At Scale

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Specialization Makes Perfect.

Having dedicated workshops that specialize in each section of the complete Custom Aquariums manufacturing process allows our team to focus on multiple parts at the same time.

Mastering each part of the product ensures that the quality and performance of our Custom Aquariums are at their peak with every completed product.

    Aquarium Manufacturing

    More than 10 precision production line, easy to realize large quantities of goods, to provide you with the best price.
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Explore Leyu's optimized manufacturing facility and see how we complete projects with speed, excellence, and precision. Our factory has dedicated workshops complete with the latest production equipment and calibrated testing tools to ensure our high standards are maintained throughout the production.

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your acrylic aquarium need, on-time and on-budget.
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