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After-Sale Service

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About After-sale Service

If there is a quality problem with the products of the Leyu factory, you can contact the factory. The factory has perfect after-sales compensation regulations. According to the actual situation, there will be on-site certification by expert representatives, factory representatives, and a team of lawyers, and then compensation will be made.

Warranty Exclusions

  • 01
    This warranty does not apply to any defects caused by improper use, improper choice of crease waterproof membrane or use of defective materials, accidents, misuse, humidity control, power failure, man-made, improper handling caused by the deterioration of the panel surface. Cleaning procedures, cleaning with abrasive chemicals, abuse or natural behavior.
  • 02
    Any private modifications or alterations, such as drilling, cutting, sawing, gluing, and any bending, melting, tapping or other similar operations, will void the warranty.
  • 03
    Leyu Acrylic's liability to the original purchaser is limited to the repair or replacement value and not to the contents or any other consequential damages.
  • 04
    Leyu Acrylic is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the intentional or negligent behavior of the customer.
  • 05
    Any damage or loss caused by force majeure events not within the reasonable control of Leyu Acrylic is not within the scope of our responsibility.

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