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Supplier of Large Acrylic Aquarium Cylinder-Leyu Acrylic Sheet Products Factory

How to maintain acrylic aquarium cylinder?
What are the classic large aquarium acrylic cylinder in the world?
How do large acrylic cylinder carry out water circulation?
  • acrylic aquarium manufacturers

  • Leyu

  • LY202372915

  • Mitsubishi Corporation Lucite brand acrylic raw material

  • 20-800mm

  • Ocean Park, Hotel, Shopping Center, Theme Park, Zoo

  • Wooden box, iron frame

  • Provide technical guidance and on-site installation services

  • Transparency reaches 93%

  • Can customize cylindrical cylinders of different sizes

  • Uvioresistant

  • 5000 tons

  • Clear transparency, 93%

  • Custom


Product Description

Leyu Acrylic Aquarium factory, established 20 years ago, specializes in the production of oceanarium, such as oceanarium lisbon, bar harbor oceanarium, and their similar oceanarium, Leyu has built more than 80, distributed in more than a dozen countries around the world.

How to maintain acrylic aquarium cylinder?

What are the classic large aquarium acrylic cylinder in the world?

How do large acrylic cylinder carry out water circulation?

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round aquarium

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acrylic tunnel

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acrylic window

How to maintain acrylic aquarium cylinder

To maintain an acrylic aquarium cylinder, follow these guidelines:

Regular Cleaning:

Regularly clean the acrylic surface of the cylinder to prevent the buildup of algae, moss, or other debris. Use a soft cloth or sponge to gently wipe the surface, removing any dirt or residue. Avoid using abrasive materials or rough scrubbers that can scratch the acrylic.

Water Changes:

Perform regular water changes to maintain good water quality. This helps remove excess nutrients, waste, and other substances that can negatively impact the health of the aquarium inhabitants. Follow a regular water change schedule based on the size of your tank and the needs of your aquatic life.

Filter Maintenance:

Clean or replace the filter media as recommended by the manufacturer. This ensures efficient filtration and helps maintain water clarity. Regularly check and clean the filter intake and outflow to prevent clogs or blockages.

Monitor Water Parameters:

Regularly test the water parameters, including temperature, pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels. Maintain appropriate levels for the specific needs of your aquarium inhabitants. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure a stable and healthy environment.

Algae Control:

Keep algae growth under control by maintaining proper lighting levels and duration. Avoid excessive light exposure, as this can promote algae growth. If algae become problematic, consider using algae control products specifically designed for use in aquariums. Follow the instructions carefully and monitor the impact on the overall ecosystem.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

When cleaning the acrylic cylinder or performing maintenance, avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaning agents that can damage the acrylic or harm the aquarium inhabitants. Use aquarium-safe cleaning products or opt for natural cleaning methods whenever possible.

Regular Inspection:

Regularly inspect the acrylic cylinder for any signs of damage, such as scratches, cracks, or leaks. Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage or potential hazards.

Fish and Plant Care:

Provide proper care for the fish and plants in the aquarium. Feed them a balanced diet, remove any uneaten food promptly, and ensure they have appropriate hiding places and decorations. Regularly trim and maintain aquatic plants to prevent overgrowth and maintain a healthy ecosystem.

By following these maintenance guidelines, you can ensure the longevity and health of your acrylic aquarium cylinder and create a thriving aquatic environment for your fish and plants.

What are the classic large aquarium acrylic cylinder in the world?

There are several iconic large aquarium acrylic cylinders around the world that have become popular tourist attractions. Some of the classic examples include:

AquaDom, Berlin, Germany:

Located in the Radisson Blu Hotel, the AquaDom is a cylindrical acrylic aquarium that stands at an impressive height of 25 meters (82 feet). It contains a million liters of saltwater and is home to over 1,500 fish from 97 different species.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, Dubai, UAE:

Situated in the Dubai Mall, this large cylindrical acrylic aquarium is one of the largest in the world. It measures 51 meters (167 feet) in length and holds around 10 million liters of water. Visitors can walk through a tunnel that runs through the center of the aquarium, providing an immersive underwater experience.

The Blue Planet, Copenhagen, Denmark:

The Blue Planet is the largest aquarium in Northern Europe and features a large cylindrical acrylic tank known as "The Ocean Tank." It holds 7 million liters of water and is home to various marine species, including sharks, rays, and other tropical fish.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Shanghai, China:

The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium showcases a cylindrical acrylic tank that is 9 meters (30 feet) in diameter and 13 meters (43 feet) in height. It holds 1.5 million liters of water and houses a diverse range of marine life, including sharks, turtles, and colorful reef fish.

Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, USA:

The Georgia Aquarium is home to a massive acrylic cylinder known as the "Ocean Voyager." It measures 23 meters (75 feet) in length and holds 6.3 million liters of water. It is home to whale sharks, manta rays, and various other marine species.

These large acrylic aquarium cylinders are not only visually stunning but also provide educational and immersive experiences for visitors, allowing them to get up close and personal with a wide range of marine life.

How do large acrylic cylinder carry out water circulation?

Large acrylic cylinders typically employ advanced filtration and water circulation systems to maintain water quality and provide proper circulation.

Here are some common methods used:

Filtration Systems:

Large acrylic cylinders utilize robust filtration systems to remove debris, waste, and chemical pollutants from the water. This typically involves a combination of mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration methods. Mechanical filtration removes physical particles, biological filtration breaks down harmful substances through beneficial bacteria, and chemical filtration uses activated carbon or other media to remove impurities.

Water Pumps:

Water pumps are used to circulate the water within the cylinder. These pumps create water movement and flow, ensuring proper oxygenation and distribution of heat and nutrients throughout the tank. The size and power of the pumps depend on the volume of water and the desired flow rate.

Water Inlet and Outlets:

Large acrylic cylinders have strategically placed water inlets and outlets to facilitate water circulation. The water inlet brings in fresh water, while the outlet removes water for filtration and maintenance. The positioning and design of these openings are crucial to ensure proper water flow and prevent dead zones where water stagnation can occur.

Water Jets or Nozzles:

Water jets or nozzles are sometimes used to create additional water movement and circulation. These jets can be positioned at different levels within the cylinder to generate currents and mimic natural water flow patterns. They help prevent stagnant areas and provide a more dynamic environment for the aquatic life.

Overflow Systems:

Some large acrylic cylinders incorporate overflow systems to maintain a constant water level. These systems allow excess water to flow out of the cylinder, preventing overflow while maintaining a consistent water volume. The overflow water is typically directed to a separate filtration system before being returned to the tank.

It's important to design and size the filtration and circulation systems appropriately for large acrylic cylinders to ensure optimal water quality and circulation. Regular monitoring and maintenance of these systems are essential to keep the water parameters stable and provide a healthy environment for the aquatic life.

As origin of life, ocean is both fascinating and dangerous to mankind, and this is why Marine Theme Parks are born and created, satisfying curiosity and giving people a good insight into knowledge about Ocean, a better understanding of the ocean, making people to more cherish the environment and protect marine organisms. Leyu Acrylic takes on this role, connecting ‘Marine World’ to human beings. Leyu Acrylic provides and uses large transparent acrylic with a light transmission rate of more than 93% more safely shorten the distance between us and the ocean, bringing customers an excellent sense of experience.

The large Acrylic Window Panels produced by Leyu are not only suitable for Ocean Park, but also themed restaurants, high-end hotels, private villas, and are one of the best designs for creating a sense of romantic atmosphere in modern life. Acrylic is a unique material that offers excellent optical clarity, which can be transformed into a number of different window options. It comes in a variety of shapes, can be flat, curved and other customized shapes you want. And Leyu Acrylic, our highly trained teams are experienced in bending and transforming cast acrylic into various shapes according to designs. With seamless splicing technology, Leyu Acrylic are able to extend acrylic panel infinitely. The longest flat acrylic window produced by Leyu is 12070m long*8200mm high*560mm thick. When standing at the super large window and watching the various fishes through the acrylic, the shock and charm from ocean landscape can not be presented with the camera and language.

Leyu acrylic factory is a history of more than 20 years, set acrylic panel production and sales as one of the large-scale comprehensive company. With the production capacity of ultra thick . With the production capacity of ultra thick acrylic panel, the thickness of the acrylic sheet we produce ranges from 30 mm to 800 mm.

Leyu acrylic factory has a professional and dedicated design and installation management team, from the production of panels to the installation, we always strive for excellence, so far has participated in the production of 50 aquarium projects, never stop our steps. Product packaging using protective film, high quality KT board, export products plus wooden cases or angle steel fixed. In many years of operation and exploration, the establishment of our own quality management system. The company has passed ISO9001:2015 quality system certification and 2001/95/ EC technical report certification, the "Excellent Construction Unit of Nanchang Wanda Cultural Tourism City" and "Best Partner".

27 years of production history, More than 80 aquarium projects.Abundant project experience, LEYU acrylic glass, quite trustworthy

 LEYU Oceanarium restaurant

Where is the Ocean park hotel

Leyu Acrylic Aquarium factory is the builder of Ocean park hotel, in Sanya, China, many hotels have Ocean Park elements, the hotel has acrylic tunnel, there are large acrylic cylinder, there are large acrylic Windows. It is very comfortable for tourists to stay in such a Ocean Park inn. Therefore, Ocean Park inn is very sought after by tourists.

What are the recommended Ocean park hotel?

As of my last update in September 2021, I can provide you with some recommended Ocean park hotel around the world. However, please note that the status of these inns may have changed since then, so it's always a good idea to check recent reviews and availability before making any reservations.

Here are some popular Ocean park hotel :

Ocean Park Inn - San Diego, California, USA:

Located right on the beach, this inn offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and easy access to the famous Ocean Park, which is a popular Ocean park inn and marine animal park. It's an excellent choice for families and beach lovers.

Sanya Haitang Bay Tianfang Intercontinental Resort,China:

which is an international famous brand resort hotel with the whole sea world, was officially opened in January 2014.

The tunnels, large Windows and acrylic parts in the hotel are all customized by Leyu Acrylic factory.

Ocean Park Village Inn - Ocean Park, Washington, USA:

This charming inn is situated in a tranquil coastal town near the beautiful Long Beach Peninsula. It's a great spot for nature enthusiasts, with access to sandy beaches, hiking trails, and bird-watching opportunities.

Ocean Park Resort - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA:

Offering a mix of oceanfront rooms and suites, this resort provides direct access to the beach and is close to various attractions like the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and SkyWheel.

Ocean Park Hotel - Hong Kong:

This hotel is located in the vibrant area of Causeway Bay, close to the famous Victoria Park and many shopping and dining options. While it may not be directly on the beach, it's a convenient choice for travelers looking to explore Hong Kong.

Ocean Park Inn - Cottesloe, Western Australia:

Situated in the coastal suburb of Cottesloe, this inn provides a relaxing stay near the Indian Ocean and the iconic Cottesloe Beach. It's known for its beautiful sunsets and beachfront cafes.

Remember to research Ocean park inn status, amenities, and guest reviews before booking your stay. Enjoy your ocean park adventure!

Ocean park hotel

Which acrylic aquarium manufacturer best

There are several acrylic aquarium manufacturers that are well-regarded for their high-quality products. 

While opinions may vary, here are a few reputable acrylic aquarium manufacturers:

LEYU (Acrylic Tank Manufacturing): 

LEYU is a well-known manufacturer that specializes in custom acrylic aquariums. They are known for their attention to detail, craftsmanship, and ability to create unique and stunning aquarium designs.


LESHENG offers a range of acrylic aquariums known for their clarity, durability, and affordability. They provide various sizes and shapes, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced aquarium enthusiasts.


LEHUI is another reputable manufacturer that produces acrylic aquariums known for their clarity and sleek design. They offer different shapes and sizes, including standard rectangular tanks, bow-front tanks, and hexagon tanks.


LEYU is a manufacturer known for their innovative and visually striking aquarium designs. They specialize in rimless, frameless acrylic aquariums that create the illusion of a seamless aquatic environment.

Leyu acrylic aquarium factory: 

Leyu acrylic aquarium factory is a manufacturer that focuses on producing high-quality, custom-made acrylic aquariums. They are known for their attention to detail and ability to create unique designs tailored to the customer's preferences.

When selecting an acrylic aquarium manufacturer, it's essential to consider factors such as the size, shape, and design options they offer, as well as the reputation and customer reviews for their products.

acrylic aquarium

Leyu Acrylic factory

Ocean park hotel

Leyu Acrylic factory

 Leyu acrylic aquarium factory Leyu Acrylic factory


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