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Clear acrylic pool wall manufacturer and installer with Factory Direct Price - Leyu

The thickness of acrylic glass for swimming pool is 20mm-200mm, and the thickness tolerance of acrylic plate is +-3mm,For swimming pool safety, please consult a professional factory.
  • Acrylic glass swimming pool

  • Leyu

  • LY20240106

  • Mitsubishi Corporation Lucite brand acrylic raw material

  • 20-800mm

  • Swimming Pool Acrylic aquarium

  • Wooden box, iron frame

  • Provide technical guidance and on-site installation services

  • Transparency reaches 92%

  • Can customize cylindrical cylinders of different sizes

  • Uvioresistant

  • 5000 tons

  • Clear transparency, 92%

  • various shapes


Product Description

What is an acrylic swimming pool?

With their aesthetic and functional advantages, acrylic swimming pools are popping up in many different places, whether it is a hotel B&B or spa swimming pool or a family private residence in a developed community.

Acrylic swimming pools have one or more clear walls made of acrylic panels. Acrylic is a man-made material, commonly known as Plexiglas, that is strong enough to support the pressure and weight of an entire swimming pool's water. Due to the high transparency of the material, unlike traditional swimming pools, they eliminate any visual obstruction, allowing customers to freely enjoy the beautiful scenery outside and have a strong visual experience.

In today's architecture and interior design fields, swimming pools are no longer just a place for swimming, they have become an indispensable part of luxury homes and high-end hotels. Whether in villa gardens or hotels and resorts, swimming pool design has become an important way for designers to show creativity and imagination, and acrylic swimming pools are a highly sought-after type of swimming pool design.


A well-designed suspended swimming pool

230203 (2)

Single sided acrylic swimming pool


1. Durability:

Acrylic pool wall panels are highly durable and resistant to cracks, chips, and fading, making them a long-lasting option for your pool.

2. Transparency:

Acrylic panels provide crystal-clear visibility into your pool, allowing you to see swimmers and monitor water quality easily.

3. Customization:

Acrylic panels can be customized to fit any size or shape of pool, giving you the flexibility to create a unique and modern design.

4. Energy efficiency:

Acrylic panels are excellent insulators, helping to maintain the temperature of your pool water and reduce energy costs.

5. Low maintenance:

 Acrylic panels are easy to clean and maintain, requiring minimal effort to keep them looking new.

6. Safety:

Acrylic panels are shatter-resistant and provide a safe barrier between the pool water and surrounding area.

7. Aesthetics:

Acrylic panels add a sleek and modern look to your pool, enhancing its overall appearance and increasing its value.

8. UV protection:

Acrylic panels are UV-resistant, protecting swimmers from harmful sun rays and extending the life of the panels.

Westin (30)

acrylic swimming pool

Westin (32)

Suspended swimming pool

Design recommendations

The acrylic pools are even more attractive if they are located in prime settings, where owners or clients can admire the natural surroundings.

Suspended in the air with different elements of water and lights, it includes two different levels and offers a visual and relaxing experience like no other.

But aerial installation is not the only recommended option for these pools. The transparency of their construction also offers very good results when it can be admired from the outside at lower levels.

A swimming pool that can be admired from a restaurant on the floor below, or even from a lower room in a house, are creative and eye-catching solutions that offer not only endless possibilities but also an element of surprise for guests and users.

The care taken in the design and installation is equally as important as other accessories that emphasise the style of these pools. Waterfall showers, or other water features, help to enhance the exclusivity of these pools.

We also suggest choosing original finishes. For example, overflowing acrylic pools, in which we merge the transparency of their design with the ‘infinity’ sensation, are very attractive options in any project.

LEYU acrylic pool wall

How much does an above ground acrylic swimming pool generally cost?

If you want to know how much it costs to build an acrylic swimming pool, welcome to consult Leyu Acrylic - your premium acrylic supplier and installer

Our acrylic panels can be used to build various infinity swimming pools, acrylic swimming pools, transparent swimming pools, etc., which can meet the swimming pool construction needs of hotels, resorts and private residences. Acrylic swimming pools come in a variety of sizes and shapes to customize your unique pool:

Lovely small swimming pool

Luxurious swimming spa

Standard residential swimming pool

Professional commercial swimming pools and projects

Contact us and tell us your pool size and shape

You are required to provide a design for your swimming pool, including detailed dimensions including length, width, height and water level.


We will recommend a reasonable thickness of acrylic sheets based on your ideas and provide you with corresponding installation plans.

Arrange processing, production and delivery

After confirming the plan with you, we will produce and process the acrylic panels, including cutting, bonding, hot bending, polishing and other steps. After reconfirming with you, we will complete the packaging and arrange professional logistics for delivery.

Professional installation

Our team can also provide overseas installation services or guidance. We will also provide you with instructions for maintaining and cleaning your acrylic swimming pool.

Leyu curved acrylic board

Leyu curved acrylic board

Leyu S-shaped acrylic sheet

Leyu S-shaped acrylic sheet

Leyu Acrylic has invested for more than 20 years, integrating the production, production and sales of organic glass sheets, putting product quality first. It can produce various plates with a thickness of 20-800mm and can be seamlessly connected at any length. The projects are spread across major cities in the country and exported to dozens of countries such as South Korea, North Korea, and the United States. As for the team, we have a professional and dedicated design, installation and management team that strives for excellence from panel production to installation. Currently, we have participated in the production of more than 100 swimming pool projects and have never stopped our pace. The product packaging uses protective film and high-quality KT board, and export products are fixed with wooden boxes or angle steel.

As Southeast Asia, European and American countries began to use acrylic as side(s) and bottom of swimming pools. The acrylic swimming pool market has gradually come under the spotlight, and acrylic has started to be widely used in resort hotels, private villas and high-end clubs for infinity pools and transparent pool construction.

The types of acrylic pools are mainly divided into Acrylic Pools with one side acrylic wall (picture below), it is a simple and economical design; Acrylic Pools with L-shaped acrylic wall, it is generally adjacent sides spliced (picture below), the unique corner design is often used in commercial buildings; overhanging pool with acrylic bottom (picture below), you can enjoy the ground and farther scenery in the suspended swimming pool when you swim.

Acrylic has high light transmission which could reach more than 93%, and gorgeous visual effects. The impact resistance of acrylic is more than 100 times that of ordinary glass and 16 times that of toughened glass. The thickness of acrylic panel can even be 800mm, so it could withstand heavier, and greater impact. Acrylic has good processing properties, can be mechanically processed, can be thermoformed. The thick acrylic panels could also be seamless joint by injecting a special formula of liquid.

Leyu Acrylic has been committed to the production of thick acrylic panel for more than 10 years, Leyu Factory has international advanced acrylic polymerization production process, types of equipment, a reliable acrylic professional installation team and mature acrylic super thick panel production experience (up to 800mm thick), and the physical properties of the acrylic can reach international advanced level.

Leyu Acrylic only uses imported pure raw material, Lucite. To the effect of the production, the acrylic has high strength, good quality, no yellowing feature and guaranteed quality; As for the technologies, Leyu Acrylic use the bulk polymerisation and seamless splicing bonding process to ensure the overall transparency of the whole acrylic without joints; About the design, we have professional engineers to calculate the safest thickness of the panels and make the most suitable installation plan, providing EPCT service.

Leyu Hanging Acrylic Swimming Pool

Leyu Hanging Acrylic Swimming Pool

Westin (20)

Leyu Hanging Acrylic Swimming Pool

Leyu Acrylic fully understands the requirements and needs of our customers, and we believe that our customers will also understand our value. We are confident that our customers will choose to make joint investments based on sound design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services, as well as proven leaders in their field of expertise. Again, we know that price is important, but our services and products give our customers confidence in their investment, and our prices are comparable to all other suppliers. In the years of operation and exploration, Leyu Acrylic has established its own quality management system. It has passed ISO9001:2015 quality system certification and 2001/95/ec technical report certification. It is "Excellent construction unit of Nanchang Wanda Cultural Tourism City" and "Best partner".

25 years of production history, more than 80 aquarium production experience, more than 100 acrylic swimming pool production, Leyu acrylic glass, worthy of your trust.


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