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Using Acrylic To Build Aquariums & Fish Tanks by the Leyu factory - Leyu

The Leyu factory Using Acrylic To Build Aquariums & Fish Tanks, and the acrylic panels used in the aquarium are produced by the Leyu acrylic factory, using Lucite brand raw materials under Mitsubishi Corporation in Japan. Using acrylic acid to build aquariums & fish tanks, beautiful and sturdy.
  • Aquarium Tunnel

  • Leyu

  • LY20230410

  • Mitsubishi Corporation Lucite brand acrylic raw material

  • 20-800mm

  • Ocean Park, Hotel, Shopping Center, Theme Park, Zoo

  • Wooden box, iron frame

  • Provide technical guidance and on-site installation services

  • Transparency reaches 93%

  • Can customize cylindrical cylinders of different sizes

  • Uvioresistant


Product Description

How long do acrylic aquariums last?

Glass vs acrylic aquarium,acrylic aquarium for sale is safer

Acrylic aquariums are known for their durability and can last for a long time if properly cared for. In general, an acrylic aquarium can last for decades, with some lasting up to 30 years or more. However, Using Acrylic To Build Aquariums & Fish Tanks can be affected by various factors such as maintenance, cleaning, and environmental conditions.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the acrylic aquarium , including water changes and keeping the water parameters stable, can help prolong the life of the acrylic panel. Scratches on the surface of the acrylic aquarium can also occur over time, which can affect the appearance of the acrylic aquarium and potentially weaken the structure.

acrylic aquarium

How to remove scratches on acrylic aquarium sheets?

Professional guidance for Leyu acrylic aquarium factory

Acrylic aquarium sheet is a plastic material, Using Acrylic To Build Aquariums & Fish Tanks, aquarium fish tanks are easy to produce scratches, scratches can be removed. Leyu acrylic aquarium factory professional ability is very strong, professional guidance on how to remove acrylic sheet, aquarium fish tank scratches, can provide video guidance, if you have needs, you can contact Leyu acrylic aquarium factory.

Acrylic Fish tank

About Leyu acrylic aquarium factory

Acrylic sheets for aquarium,Leyu acrylic aquarium factory professional custom

Since 2000, Leyu acrylic aquarium Factory has become a professional manufacturer of acrylic fish tanks and aquarium fish tanks. It can make different shapes of acrylic fish tanks with more than 92% transparency. Using Acrylic To Build Aquariums & Fish Tanks, aquarium acrylic sheets can be specially made by Lucite, owned by Mitsubishi, Japan. Acrylic sheet guarantee 30 years no yellowing. Leyu Acrylic Aquarium factory exports more than 200 large aquarium fish tanks every year.

acrylic aquarium


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