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2024 Common acrylic custom fish tank styles - leyu acrylic

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Shapes and Styles

Aquariums come in many shapes and sizes. We’ve compiled a list of some of the more common styles below

Rectangular aquarium

When most people think of an aquarium, they think of a traditional rectangular tank that sits on stands against the wall.

While this shape of aquarium is practical, it doesn't usually create a stunning impact.

Countertop aquarium

Shallow aquariums can be built into bars, countertops, and cabinets, similar to the one pictured below. This aquarium is built into a window cabinet of a luxury office in Hong Kong. There are some issues that can arise with lighting this type of aquarium. The aquarium in this image solved this problem by adding some extra slim waterproof LED lights between the top of the aquarium and the counter. The countertop can also be raised for easier cleaning and maintenance of the aquarium.

Wall aquarium

Another option is to install a rectangular aquarium behind a wall. This gives the impression that the film or window is underneath a river or ocean. Can be built into the wall or cabinet, saving space and looking neater.

Another benefit of this type of aquarium is that it is usually accessible from the rear, which may be beneficial if the area in front of the aquarium is used by the public.

Room Divider Aquarium-Island

Aquarium room dividers are an interesting feature. Room-divided aquariums can consist of an in-wall aquarium visible through two windows, a "peninsula" aquarium visible through three windows, or a tank in the middle of the room visible through four windows, as shown below Show.

Through the two transparent windows, it gives people the feeling of fish floating in mid-air.

Cylindrical aquarium

Cylindrical aquariums are popular in interior design because they are quite tall, impressive, and do not take up a lot of floor space.

For cylindrical aquariums, it is recommended to use acrylic rather than glass because acrylic refracts light at levels very similar to water. Glass refracts light more than acrylic, so the fish appears deformed when viewed through a curved glass panel. There is very little distortion when looking through curved acrylic.

Oval aquarium

An oval aquarium has the same seamless and cornerless appeal as a cylindrical aquarium, but it can be elongated for room dividing purposes.

Custom acrylic fish tank - Manufacture

Custom acrylic fish tank - Manufacture

Custom acrylic fish tank - Manufacture

Custom acrylic fish tank - Manufacture

Custom acrylic fish tank - Manufacture

Custom acrylic fish tank - Manufacture

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