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Acrylic sheet manufacturer and installer Acrylic sheet production technology

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Leyu acrylic sheet adopts acrylic raw material

Leyu acrylic sheet adopts acrylic raw material -- brand-new Lucite  raw material, and does not use recycled raw material. Acrylic panel production requires the use of a clean constant temperature pool polymerization process to ensure the quality of acrylic sheets.

Acrylic material has anti-UV components, no yellowing, no discoloration, no silver streaks, and the total light transmittance is ≥92%. There must be no obvious impurities and air bubbles in the acrylic sheet, and there must be no water-like unevenness or fog on the surface.

Observed at a distance of one meter from the panel, the surface of the plexiglass is polished, smooth, and free from obvious surface defects (such as ripples, bumps, deformations, depressions, dents, bumps, scratches, or abrasions).

Leyu acrylic sheet

Acrylic Sheet - Leyu

Acrylic Thick Sheet - Leyu

Acrylic Thick Sheet - Leyu

Splicing Technology

Regarding the seamless splicing process of the two panels during the acrylic installation process, our company will use the top domestic splicing process, and go through a series of processes such as dust - free purification, constant temperature control, overall temperature rise, and intelligent control to ensure that there is no problem after the splicing of the panels. Bubbles and obvious impurities.

acrylic sheet supplier

acrylic sheet supplier

acrylic sheet manufacturer

acrylic sheet manufacturer

Installation team

Relying on the company's rich construction experience accumulated in the long-term aquarium project construction process, and actively exerting the ingenuity and subjective initiative of the majority of engineering and technical personnel, so as to achieve "make the best use of people's talents", all engineering and technical personnel work together, Carry forward the team spirit, actively promote the application of new technologies, new processes, and strive for excellence. Strengthen the management of safe production and civilized construction, complete the construction tasks of this project quickly, high-quality and civilized, and emphatically reflect our enterprise spirit - unity, truth-seeking, pioneering and dedication.

27 years of production history, more than 80 aquarium production experience, more than 100 acrylic swimming pool production, Leyu acrylic glass, worthy of your trust.

Leyu acrylic sheet Installation team

Leyu acrylic sheet Installation team

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