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At What Temperature Can You Curve Acrylic Panels?

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Curved Acrylic Panel

LEYU is one of the leading manufacturers of the curved acrylic panels. We know that finding a reliable partner is not easy therefore we do the best that we could to give curve acrylic panels with superb performance. LEYU provides all the solutions you need. Please send us your inquiries!

Curve Acrylic Panel Manufacturer

If you are looking for a manufacturer who can custom-built a curve acrylic panel for your own project, then you can check LEYU. We have the capabilities to design a new one.

Custom Thick Curved Acrylic Panel

The custom thick curved acrylic panel offers the highest quality with unmatched optical clarity and thermal stability. The thicknesses are highly customized that is useful for all those applications. Has outstanding resistance to sunlight and weathering.

20mm-800mm Curved Acrylic Panels

20mm-800mm curved acrylic panels provide a stronger, lighter, and cheaper option. Includes a perfectly flat finish with a thickness of 20mm-800mm or greater. Widely used for more creative purposes and has high accuracy.

Temperature Resistant Curved Acrylic Panels

Temperature-resistant curved acrylic panels characterize a crystal clear, durable, and lightweight structure. Guarantees ease of fabrication and attractive clear edge

color. Comes with a smooth surface.

Anti-aging Curved Acrylic Panel

For outdoor applications, the curved acrylic panels have great anti-color aging capability to remain the good color and finishes. Suitable for roofs, walls, curtains and fish tanks, tunnels, windows, swimming pools, and other outdoor applications

At What Temperature Can You Curve Acrylic Panels?

Curved acrylic panels curved plexiglass® panels

Curved acrylic sheet large clear acrylic panel for marine acrylic aquarium

LEYU curved acrylic panel

Curved acrylic sheet large clear acrylic panel for marine acrylic aquarium

At What Temperature Can You Curve Acrylic Panels?

Why LEYU Curved Acrylic Panel

LEYU has expertise in designing and manufacturing curved acrylic panels for many years.

It can be formed into a new product such as an aquarium, stairs, bath, greenhouse panels and more.

LEYU curve acrylic panel has better transparency, translucent and clarity over glasses.

Any product form by curve acrylic panel has exceptional qualities. It has a clearer and sharper view.

For curve panels, the acrylic material is highly recommended. Numerous benefits come from utilizing acrylic for curve panels.

LEYU: Your Professional Curved Acrylic Panel Manufacturer

We are inclined to provide you with a one-stop solution for aquarium engineering and swimming pool engineering.

LEYU curved acrylic panel is a great option for your business.Leyu curved acrylic panel is an excellent choice for your enterprise. We produce various curved acrylic panels for fish tanks, large windows, tunnels, underwater restaurants, swimming pools, and more.

In LEYU, we offer curve acrylic panels to adhere to international standards. Here in LEYU, we can give you all your needs and assistance. Send us an inquiry, we will definitely give you the perfect curved acrylic panel for you.

Custom Curved Acrylic Panel to You

LEYU curved acrylic panel provides a true representation of reality. It has a strong structure to support and withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Our curve acrylic panel surely provides a delightful and exciting view experience.

LEYU team can design a stunning curve acrylic panel to create the newest figure.

We can build curve acrylic panels with a curve radius on three or four sides of the structure and so on.

In LEYU, we can also provide an S-shaped curve acrylic panel and other shapes based on your specifications.

The LEYU team can design curve acrylic panels into different fabrication procedures.

The panel bonding, thermoforming, polishing, and other processes will be done in our own production facility.

LEYU offers a high-quality curve acrylic panel to effectively shape your design.

LEYU experiences and knowledge in fabrication surely prove competitive panels.

Moreover, we can produce clear, colored and tinted acrylic panels. Whatever application you need panels, LEYU can support you. No doubt, you can ensure the best result.

If you need to imprint your custom design curve acrylic panels with multiple images and text, do trust LEYU.

We can add images and other promotional messages based on your detail.

LEYU as a professional curve acrylic panel manufacturer, we offer decorative and eye-catching panels.

The unique bending of acrylic panels gives an illuminating effect. It will not crack nor fade like other materials.

LEYU curve acrylic panel is available at affordable rates. We can deliver curve acrylic panels across the globe.

LEYU can offer a unique service to allow you to place your special orders.

Please send us your design and we will see what we can do. Here in LEYU, we are always willing to do the best that we could especially for a special project.

We actively and always try to try something new when it comes to designing products.

As a reliable manufacturer and supplier of the curve acrylic panel, LEYU has expertise in this domain you are looking for.

Superior quality curve acrylic panels from LEYU will surely provide a great way to skyrocket your business now.

Aside from the curve acrylic panel, we can do different types of panels using acrylic material.

LEYU ensures you get the finest-quality curve acrylic panel.

LEYU curve acrylic panel will provide an exceptional yet cost-effective quality you would expect.

For orders, please contact LEYU to start with designing your own panel today!

Curved Acrylic Panel

Leyu Acrylic Tunnel

Curved Acrylic Panel

Leyu acrylic curved large window

Leyu acrylic cylindrical cylinder

Leyu acrylic cylindrical cylinder

At What Temperature Can You Curve Acrylic Panels?

To create a curved acrylic panel, you need to bend an acrylic sheet.

To do this, you need a softened acrylic sheet.

You can soften the sheet by applying some amount of heat.

It is, however, important to note that you need to heat the acrylic material only to the extent that it softens.

If you overheat the sheet, it will melt down.

The right temperature to soften the sheet is 320° F (160° C).

Its heat-resistant properties do not work beyond this temperature.

What Are The Tools Needed To Bend An Acrylic Sheet To Make A Curved Acrylic Panel?

We need to customize the mold according to the size of the curved acrylic sheet, which can be made of wood or iron. We also need to prepare some fixtures.

Place the acrylic sheet on the mold, soften it at high temperature, and then heat bend it into shape.

What Are Curved Acrylic Panels Used For?

Curved acrylic sheet large clear acrylic panel for marine acrylic aquarium

Curved acrylic board, large transparent acrylic board, suitable for swimming pools

Curved acrylic panels offer multiple use cases.

You can use a curved acrylic panel for many things, from furniture to décor.

Some of the most common uses of curved acrylic panels are discussed below.

Leyu acrylic curved plate installation


Curved Acrylic Panel


Curved Acrylic Panel


Curved Acrylic Panel


Curved Acrylic Panel


Curved Acrylic Panel


· Aquariums

Public aquariums meant for recreational sightseeing is one of the best uses of curved acrylic panels.

Less refraction of light and less distortion makes curved acrylic panels a better alternative than glass aquariums.

Curved acrylic panels, even with their bent structure, do not cause any image distortion.

At the same time, curved acrylic panels are stronger than glass.

This makes them a better choice for holding the weight of the water inside an enormous aquarium.

You can also use large-sized curved acrylic panels for sightseeing aquariums, aquarium hotels, and cafés.

· Windows and Windscreens

Another great use case for curved acrylic panels is in the automobile sector.

From cars, submarines, and speedboats to trains, metros, and buses, curved acrylic panels are widely used in this industry.

They offer clearer visibility along with a sturdier structure.

You will find they are also tougher than glass.

Their resistance against breakage is an added advantage.

Even in case of any breakage, the sheet breaks down into large pieces and not a lot of small pieces that can hurt someone.

This effectively reduces the chances of getting injured in case the sheet breaks.

Moreover, they do not yellow over time.

Less maintenance makes them a preferred choice for automobiles.

· Art and Craft Work

You can use curved acrylic panels to paint or use as part of your artwork.

Some people even buy curved acrylic crockery because of their shatterproof properties.

In comparison to glassware, curved acrylic panels are more durable and require less maintenance.

· Table Counters

Many commercial spaces, particularly cafés and showrooms, make use of curved acrylic panels for their table counters.

· Rooftops

Curved acrylic panels are popularly used for making rooftops.

A roof shed made of a clear curved acrylic panel lets ample light into the room.

It does not require a lot of maintenance, making it a suitable option for a rooftop.

The UV-resistant properties of a high quality curved acrylic panel allow it to stand enough heat without any adverse effects on the panel.

You can also use a curved acrylic panel for making a greenhouse for your plants.

Large-scale greenhouses use huge curved acrylic panels with a thickness of 2-3 mm.

These panels are not only heat and UV-resistant but also reflect enough light to reach the plants inside.

They do not yellow in the sun and also protect the greenhouse from getting too hot when the temperature is hot.

Their weather-resistant quality makes curved acrylic panels a preferred choice for greenhouse rooftops.

· Home Furniture

Curved acrylic panels also offer great utility for making furniture.

You can get a unique bathtub made of curved acrylic panels.

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