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Compared with glass fish tanks, what are the advantages of acrylic fish tanks

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From the appearance point of view, the acrylic fish tank has bright colors, high brightness, strong plasticity, and large shape changes. Most of the fish tanks with special shapes we see now are made of acrylic materials. It is easier to process and shape than glass fish tanks. It has high hardness and beautiful appearance. good. The acrylic fish tank has good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and excellent insulation performance. The acrylic fish tank has good light transmission, which can reach more than 92%, and the required light intensity is small, saving electricity. The acrylic fish tank has strong impact resistance, which is 16 times that of ordinary glass, and has a long service life.

Image Jellyfish Aquarium - Leyu


Acrylic fish tank has low wear resistance and is easy to scratch. Generally, acrylic materials will not be able to withstand the "friction of the years", and slight scratches will appear after a long time. Although it is very beautiful and light at the beginning, there will be more or less subtle damages in the end, which affects the viewing experience. beautiful. And once the bottom sand is used, it will also wear the bottom of the fish tank.

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Therefore, the choice of professional acrylic panel suppliers and fish tank manufacturers can also ensure the quality of acrylic fish tanks to a certain extent.Leyu acrylic will be your premium choice.

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