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High-Quality Imported Acrylic tunnel Aquariums

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Our sustainable, 100% imported Lucite acrylic sheets are perfect for creating big, thick tunnel aquariums, providing superior transparency and durability. With sizes ranging from 20mm to 600mm and customizable dimensions, our acrylic panels are versatile and can be tailored to meet your unique needs. Our services also include design, processing, installation, and a five-year warranty, ensuring a high-quality, long-lasting investment for your marine fish tank.

● Big Thick Acrylic Sheet Aquariums

● Imported Lucite After Filtering For Tunnel Aquarium

● 100% Imported Lucite After Filtering For Tunnel Aquarium

● Sustainable Big Thick Acrylic Sheet Aquariums & Accessories

There is an underwater world in Nanjing, famous for its 74-meter-long glass tunnel, where you can also admire the Antarctic emperor penguins.

In midsummer, the hot weather always makes people feel anxious, so a mysterious world is waiting for you to explore in Nanjing. Nanjing Underwater World is located at No. 8 Sifangcheng, Zhongshan Cemetery, Xuanwu District. It contains more than 200 species and more than 10,000 marine fish, six emperor penguins from Antarctica, more than 20 temperate penguins, as well as polar bears, arctic foxes, More than 30 marine mammals including dolphins and sea lions form a fascinating and dreamy underwater world.

Nanjing Underwater World is famous for its unique acrylic transparent glass tunnel. The tunnel is 74 meters long, 3 meters wide and 2.4 meters high. It has a water storage capacity of more than 4,000 tons and stores more than 100 species of marine fish. It is like an underwater palace, waiting for your arrival. When you step into this mysterious underwater world, you will be in a 180-degree acrylic tunnel, surrounded by fish, just like a wonderful journey through the blue ocean.

At Nanjing Underwater World, you will have the opportunity to see the wonders of the underwater world up close. Through the transparent tunnel, you feel like you are a member of a school of fish and feel their joyful play. Let time stay at this moment and wander in the dreamy underwater world with marine creatures.

In addition to the amazing marine fish, Nanjing Underwater World also has a family of emperor penguins from Antarctica. These cute penguins are sometimes naive and sometimes elegant. Their arrival adds a bit of fun to the entire underwater world. In addition, there are penguins from the temperate zone. They are lively and active and will always bring you a burst of laughter.

Not only limited to marine fish and penguins, Nanjing Underwater World also proudly has more than 30 marine mammals such as polar bears, arctic foxes, dolphins, and sea lions. When these smart and cute creatures show their grace in front of you, they will definitely add a lot of color to your exploration journey.

At Nanjing Underwater World, you can not only see wonderful marine creatures from all over the world, but also learn the secrets of their lives. You will be led by a senior marine tour guide to gain an in-depth understanding of the habits and ecology of each creature, allowing you to gain more knowledge during the exploration process.

Nanjing Underwater World, as a comprehensive ocean theme park integrating sightseeing, knowledge, interaction and environmental education, provides you with an unforgettable summer vacation destination. It is not only an ideal choice for family vacations, but also a romantic destination for friends gatherings and couples dating.

Summer dream underwater tour, Nanjing Underwater World is waiting for you to explore! Come and explore this mysterious underwater world with your family and friends. Starting from Nanjing, the entire Jiangsu Province provides you with rich and colorful tourism resources. You can continue to visit Nanjing's scenic spots and historic sites in depth and feel the accumulation of history; you can also go to Yangzhou and Suzhou to taste the beauty and tranquility of the Jiangnan water towns; or you can visit Wuxi to experience the collision of modernization and traditional culture. Jiangsu, a vibrant and charming province, is waiting for you to explore!

Acrylic tunnel aquarium - manufacture

Acrylic tunnel aquarium - manufacture

Acrylic tunnel aquarium - manufacture

Acrylic tunnel aquarium - manufacture

Acrylic tunnel aquarium - manufacture

Acrylic tunnel aquarium - manufacture

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