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How to make Acrylic Cylinders tank

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Acrylic Plastic Tubes Fish Tank Acrylic Cylinder for Aquarium


Acrylic cylinder factory introduction


Zhangjiagang city Leyu plexiglass® products factory was established in 1996 and has been committed to the field of acrylic thick plates for over 20 years. Mainly used for making acrylic fish tanks, aquarium projects, and swimming pool projects.

Leyu is a large professional production factory for acrylic cylindrical cylinders. The current largest acrylic cylinder size is: diameter 10000mm(39.37inches), height 13000mm(511.81inches).

Acrylic Cylinders, with a diameter of over 1000mm(39.37inches) and any height, can be professionally customized by Leyu factory.

Acrylic Cylinders tank, acrylic rectangular fish tank, acrylic tunnel, acrylic large window. Transparent, sturdy, UV resistant, and will not turn yellow.



Plastic Cylinders & Acrylic Cylinders

Plastic Cylinders & Acrylic Cylinders

large diameter transparent acrylic tube/PMMA cylinder pipe

large diameter transparent acrylic tube/PMMA cylinder pipe

China Clear Acrylic Tube Pipe 220mm Diameter Cylinder-Aquarium Large Cylinder Acrylic Aquarium Tank for Sightseeing


Attributes of Acrylic Cylinders tank:

Outstanding optical clarity

Excellent UV properties

High impact resistance – 17x greater than glass and 4x greater than concrete

Superb weatherability – won’t yellow or show signs of aging

Structural & can be engineered to support weight

UVT available


Acrylic round tank aquarium large clear cylinder 1000mm large diameter plastic clear pipe cast acrylic tube

How to make Acrylic Cylinders tank

Every project is designed and executed with special attention and utmost care of the client. A project from conception to execution goes through several stages of Calculations and certification, according to its complexity. After the concept is finalized, the project reaches its Structural Engineering phase. Here, the PMMA is analysed purely as a Structural entity that is capable of transferring loads around to the designed supporting structures, as well as to withstand other loads applied on it in case of worst-case scenario.

When the design fully meets the requirements, we begin to make acrylic cylinder, we are divided into the following steps to make.


Round Aquarium cylindrical fish tank Clear Fish Tank Large Round Tank Acrylic Cylinder


Making transparent acrylic panels


Pouring process

There are two production processes for acrylic sheets, one is pouring process and the other is extrusion process. The Leyu factory adopts a casting process, which is safe for acrylic thick plates.



Quality assurance

Leyu production of acrylic sheet, has been using the best liquid raw materials to produce, high quality acrylic sheet, is the pursuit of all Leyu people. Because good quality is the most important element to ensure the safety of the project.


Acrylic sheet size

The size of Leyu's acrylic thick plate, the maximum surface length of 10000mm(393.7 inches), the height of 3000mm (118.11 inches), transparent and flat, which is the guarantee of making large acrylic cylinder.

Plastic Cylinders & Acrylic Cylinders CLEAR ACRYLIC CYLINDERS

Plastic Cylinders & Acrylic Cylinders

Plastic Cylinders & Acrylic Cylinders

Plastic Cylinders & Acrylic Cylinders

Plastic Cylinders & Acrylic Cylinders


Make iron molds


High-temperature softening

Acrylic sheet production is completed, we began to make molds, because acrylic cylinder is curved sheet splicing, acrylic sheet from flat to arc, we need hot bending molding.

When the acrylic sheet enters the high temperature environment, the acrylic sheet will soften, because the acrylic sheet is a plastic material, the plasticity is very strong, and the mold needs to be shaped.


The mold size is accurate and can withstand pressure

Many factories use wood to make molds, which is suitable for small size acrylic cylinder, when the cylinder is large enough, you need to make iron molds.

The molds of Leyu are customized, according to the size of the acrylic cylinder to customize.

For the requirements of the mold, the size must be accurate, the surface of the mold must be flat, and the mold must be able to withstand the weight of acrylic.




From acrylic sheet to curved acrylic sheet

1. Place the acrylic sheet on the mold

2, Heating, making the acrylic sheet hot bending molding

3, After cooling, polishing treatment.


Large diameter transparent acrylic tube/PMMA cylinder pipe

Acrylic cylinder production:

Chemical bond splicing:

The acrylic arc plate is spliced in turn, the joint is 3-6mm, and the splicing is the polymerization reaction.

The splicing process of Leyu is not the glue that can be bought on the market, and the chemical bond is developed by Leyu.

If the cylinder meets the transportation requirements, the acrylic cylinder can be sent to the customer after the factory is finished. If the acrylic cylinder cannot be transported, the Leyu factory can go to the scene to splice. Leyu factory has rich experience in splicing and on-site installation.


Installation of acrylic cylinder15 - 副本

Installation of acrylic cylinder

Installation of acrylic cylinder

Installation of acrylic cylinder

Installation of acrylic cylinder

Installation of acrylic cylinder


(The pictures in this article are the property of Leyu Factory, and no one may take them for commercial promotion.)

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