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Matters needing attention when pasting transparent acrylic sheets

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Transparent acrylic plate paste should pay attention to these four points

Transparent acrylic panel has been favored by more and more consumers by virtue of its own advantages, and it is also widely used in life. Next, I will introduce to you the problems of pasting transparent acrylic boards, so that everyone is familiar with transparent acrylic boards. The board knows better.

1. What should I do if I have a certain corrosive ability

The adhesive used to paste the transparent acrylic board has a certain corrosion ability, so it will leave traces on the surface of the transparent acrylic board. In order to avoid this from happening, you can use the method of pasting stickers to protect the parts that do not need to be bonded.

2.Before pasting the transparent acrylic board, what should be noted?

Before pasting the transparent acrylic board, be sure to wipe its surface clean, otherwise dust, grease or air holes will leave air bubbles during bonding.

3. Do not blow air on the transparent acrylic board

Do not blow air on the transparent acrylic board, because blowing air will cause the adhesive on the edge of the bonding surface to volatilize and turn white.

4. will The temperature also affect the bonding effect ?

The temperature will also affect the bonding effect, so before the adhesive is fully cured, do not expose it to direct sunlight, otherwise the transparent acrylic board will turn yellow.

There are some techniques for pasting transparent acrylic boards, such as façade bonding, plane bonding, inclined surface bonding, etc. You can choose the pasting method according to your needs. Leyu acrylic splicing adopts the bulk polymerization method, and acrylic raw materials are poured into the splicing seam, and the acrylic is polymerized by controlling the temperature, so that the splicing seam has no bubbles and no silver streaks.

Matters needing attention when pasting transparent acrylic sheets

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