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Precautions for Using Acrylic Swimming Pool

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Using Acrylic Swimming Pool

Because of the advantages of good-looking appearance, rich functions, simple installation, and convenient operation, the acrylic swimming pool market is becoming more and more popular. However, people know little about the correct use of acrylic swimming pools and the maintenance of panels. Leyu Acrylic will give you a brief introduction :

1. The temperature of the circulating water should not be higher than 40°C. Everyone must put cold water first, and then hot water. Do not put hot water directly into it, because it will not only cause burns, but also cause discoloration of acrylic acid if it is kept in this way for a long time.

2. When using an acrylic swimming pool, if it is damaged, use 2000c terrazzo paper to polish the damaged area, and then polish it with toothpaste and gauze to restore it to its original bright state. Keep in mind that aggressive chemical liquids should not be used for scrubbing.

3. When using an acrylic swimming pool, do not collide with hard objects to prevent damage to the equipment.

4. Inflammable and explosive items should not be stacked near the swimming pool to prevent contact with strong organic solvents such as paint, volatile agents, thinners, etc., which will cause the surface to soften, dissolve and crack. Avoid being close to sharp objects and chemicals, which will affect the service life of the acrylic swimming pool .

5. In the process of daily use, everyone needs to follow the principle of cold water before hot water. You should not use it in an environment above 80°C to avoid deformation of the acrylic swimming pool due to high temperature. In addition to this, the daily maintenance of the acrylic swimming pool needs to be done well. The surface of the acrylic swimming pool can be cleaned with clean water, but also with a soft cloth and soap or neutral detergent.

6. Because the water temperature of the swimming pool is suitable, it is a place where various bacteria grow and gather, such as dysentery, hepatitis, acute conjunctivitis, impetigo, etc. Therefore, the disinfection of swimming pools is also a problem that cannot be ignored.

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