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What are the procedures for the design, construction and installation of acrylic swimming pools?

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The design, construction and installation process for an acrylic swimming pool typically involves the following steps:

1.Design stage:

Site Assessment: Develop a preliminary design plan, including pool shape, size, pool depth, etc., and determine the size and thickness of the acrylic panels to be used

Concept Design: Develop preliminary design plans including pool shape, size, depth and functionality.

Final Design: Refine the design based on feedback and finalize plans.


Acrylic pool design


Acrylic pool design

2. Construction stage:

Structural support: The steel structure side panel installation notch adopts U-shaped notch. Install steel or concrete support structures to strengthen pool walls and floors.

Acrylic installation: Use acrylic plates to form the swimming pool shell. After the acrylic is in place in the slot, fill the filling joints. The bottom is filled with non-shrinkage cement. Some soft materials will be used in the side filling to give the acrylic space for thermal expansion and contraction.

Plumbing and Electrical: Install necessary plumbing, filtration systems, lighting and any other electrical components.

Deck: Build a pool deck area around your pool.

Acrylic protection: After the acrylic installation is completed, our company will package and inspect the installed acrylic surface to prevent scratches.

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3. Installation stage:

Fill the pool: Fill the pool with water and check for leaks or any other issues.

Testing: Test water quality and ensure all systems are functioning properly.

Landscaping: Complete landscaping around the pool area to enhance the overall aesthetics.

It is important to work with experienced professionals throughout the design, construction and installation process to ensure that your acrylic swimming pool is built to the highest standards and meets your specific requirements.Leyu Acrylic is not only your high-quality supplier of acrylic panels, but can also provide you with installation services



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