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What Factors Need To Be Considered in The Design of Acrylic Aquarium

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Factors Need To Be Considered In The Design Of An Acrylic Aquarium

With the development of the economy, everyone has gradually increased their investment and pursuit of spiritual life, and our requirements for some entertainment items will gradually increase, and the aquarium has always been a popular dating and parent-child entertainment project. If we want our aquarium to effectively save costs, be full of features, and better attract tourists, we need to think carefully.

Acrylic Aquarium - Leyu

First of all, the design of the aquarium should clarify the internal structure, layout and water diversion points, and minimize some unnecessary defects. Make relevant plans for the interior space of the aquarium. There are many types of marine life in the aquarium, and different types of marine life have relatively different requirements for the temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions in the aquarium, so it is necessary to do a good job of temperature regulation in each area. At the same time, attention should also be paid to setting skylights and other light-transmitting plans.

Fish Tank

When planning and making the overall aquarium, it is also necessary to plan the indoor performance area of the aquarium, and the overall planning process has extremely high requirements for the integrity of the wall, and it is necessary to do a good job in the direction of equipment and fillers during the overall planning In this way, the cost can be better reduced under the premise of ensuring quality, and more economic benefits can be brought to the aquarium.

Aquarium Tunnel

The construction design of the aquarium also needs to fully consider the flow rate of the water, which ensures the comfort of the creatures living in it and the water quality. In addition, we need to fully consider the adaptability of the animals to the facilities. The cleanliness, depth and PH value of the viewing water should be properly adjusted so that the water system of the aquarium can remain stable and provide more favorable conditions for the survival of various types of marine life.

Acrylic Aquarium Manufacturer

The design of the aquarium not only affects the survival activities of the creatures in the aquarium, but even affects the senses and play experience of tourists. Therefore, in addition to the quality of acrylic itself, professional design planning is also very important.Leyu Acrylic has been established for more than twenty years, is a integrated enterprise which includes the research and development, production, sales and trade, always putting the quality of products in the first place. We can produce various kinds of panels within 30-800mm thickness, which can be seamlessly connected into any length. And our projects are all over the major cities in China and our acrylic products are exported to dozens of countries such as Korea, North Korea and the United States. In addition to professional products, we have professional and dedicated designers and installation management team. From the production of panels to installation, we are striving for excellence. Up to new, we have been involved in more than seventy aquarium projects, never stopping our footsteps. All products are packaged with protective film, high quality KT board, for the exported products, wooden boxes or steel frame are added to protect goods.

Acrylic Cylinders large diameter transparent acrylic tube

Acrylic Aquarium FAQ:

Who makes the best acrylic aquariums?

Leyu Acrylic Aquarium Manufacturer:  Known for durable and high-quality acrylic aquariums with various shapes and sizes.

Who owns acrylic tank manufacturing?

Leyu Acrylic Aquarium Factory is best acrylic aquariums manufacturer.Leyu Acrylic is a professional leading Custom Aquariums(Acrylic Aquarium), Aquarium Tunnel, Acrylic Window,Underwater Restaurant Project, Acrylic Swimming Pool, Acrylic Drifting River manufacturer in China, always putting the quality of products in first place. Has the 25+ years of manufacturing experience. We can produce various kinds of panels within 20-800mm thickness, which can be seamlessly connected into any length. which can be seamlessly docked, allowing the acrylic sheet to be extended indefinitely.

Is acrylic used for aquariums ?

  1. Clarity:

    Acrylic provides exceptional clarity, often surpassing that of glass. This allows for a better view of the aquarium inhabitants.

  2. Lightweight:

    Acrylic is lighter than glass, making it easier to handle and transport. This can be especially beneficial for larger aquariums.

  3. Strength:

    Acrylic is more impact-resistant than glass, reducing the risk of breakage. It is less likely to shatter and is considered more durable.

  4. Customization:

    Acrylic is easier to shape, allowing for more intricate and customizable designs. It can be molded into various shapes and sizes.

  5. Insulation:

    Acrylic has better insulating properties than glass, helping to maintain more stable water temperatures in the aquarium.

What is the highest quality acrylic ?

Acrylic, a versatile and widely used material, has become a staple in various industries.  Whether in art, design, or industrial applications, the quality of acrylic plays a crucial role in its effectiveness and longevity.Acrylic, also known as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), is a transparent thermoplastic often used as a lightweight and shatter-resistant alternative to glass.

The quality of acrylic is paramount, influencing its performance and durability.  Understanding the characteristics of high-quality acrylic is essential for anyone seeking reliable and long-lasting products.

Highest Quality Acrylic is used for Aquarium,Fish Tank,Acrylic Window,Aquarium Tunnel,Swimming Pool and so on.

Which aquarium is better glass or acrylic ?

The recent rise in popularity of plexiglass is a clear indication it presents better features compared to a fiberglass swimming pool.

One element, in this case, is in terms of ease of installation.

Plexiglass is somewhat lightweight, almost half the weight of fiberglass.

This makes it easy to handle, transport, and even install, in some instances, without the need for meaningful support.

Plexiglass also has better resistance to impact than a fiberglass swimming pool.

The former is close to 17 times stronger than the latter.

And this explains why plexiglass panel for pools is less prone to cracking and breakage compared to fiberglass swimming pool.

And it terms of resilience in different aspects;  swimming pool plexiglass panel portrays better qualities compared to fiberglass panel.

Plexiglass has higher resistance to UV, corrosion, temperature changes, and weatherability, among others.

In regards to variations in aspects such as color shades, finishing, and shapes, plexiglass panels tend to offer more options than fiberglass.

In other words, it means you can get your preferred wall surfaced option for your pool in plexiglass than fiberglass.

The optical clarity in a plexiglass swimming pool is quite higher than in fiberglass.

Ideally, plexiglass allows up to 92% of light to pass through it compared to fiberglass, allowing up to about 84% of light to pass through it.

Plexiglass has a softer surface compared to fiberglass swimming pool.

So this makes the former more sensitive to scratches than the latter, especially when rubbed against abrasive items.

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