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What should be paid attention to when using transparent acrylic sheet

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What should be paid attention to when using transparent acrylic sheet - Leyu

As the proportion of transparent acrylic sheets in the market increases year by year, more and more users will choose transparent acrylic sheets first when choosing materials. So how much do you know about the precautions for using transparent acrylic sheets? Let Leyu Acrylic tell you about the precautions for using transparent acrylic sheets for your reference:

1. The temperature source of transparent acrylic sheet will be deformed when it is heated at about 70 degrees, and it will soften when it is heated above 100 degrees, so it should not be used in places above 70 degrees.

2. Acrylic should be scrubbed with a soft cloth. Never use any cleaning agent containing granular objects, and do not use various chemical bath agents for scrubbing.

3. Acrylic is easy to crack and damage, so care should be taken to protect the surface when handling it.

4. The coefficient of thermal expansion of acrylic is relatively large, and the temperature change should be considered when installing or fixing, leaving room for expansion and contraction.

The above is the introduction of precautions for the use of transparent acrylic sheet, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. For more information about transparent acrylic sheets, follow Leyu Acrylic.

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Transparent Acrylic Sheets - Leyu

transparent acrylic sheets for fish tank

Transparent Acrylic Sheets For Fish Tank

Choosing the Right Acrylic Sheet

When embarking on a project involving transparent acrylic sheets, the first crucial step is choosing the right type.  Factors such as thickness, durability, and intended use play a significant role.  The selection process should align with the specific requirements of your project to ensure optimal results.

UV Protection and Weather Resistance

For outdoor applications, UV protection and weather resistance are paramount.  Transparent acrylic sheets with these features not only withstand the elements but also maintain their clarity over time, making them a reliable choice for various outdoor projects.

Customization Options

Tailoring acrylic sheets to meet specific project needs opens up a world of possibilities.  From custom sizes to specialty finishes, the flexibility of transparent acrylic sheets allows for creative and functional applications in various industries.

transparent acrylic sheets for fish tank - Leyu

Comparing with Other Materials

Transparent acrylic sheets have distinct advantages over traditional materials like glass.

When it comes to building pools or fish tanks, the choice between acrylic sheets and traditional glass is a crucial decision that impacts aesthetics, durability, and functionality. Each material has its own set of advantages and considerations. Let's explore the factors to help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

Transparency and Clarity

Acrylic Sheet: Acrylic sheets are renowned for their exceptional clarity, offering a transparency that rivals glass. This is especially crucial for underwater environments, providing a clear view of aquatic life.

Glass: Glass is also transparent but may have subtle distortions, and its clarity can be affected by thickness. Thicker glass tends to have more noticeable distortions.


Acrylic Sheet: 

Acrylic sheets are significantly lighter than glass, making them easier to handle and reducing the overall weight of the structure. This can be advantageous for large aquariums or pool installations.


Glass is heavier, and as the size of the tank or pool increases, so does the weight. This can pose challenges during installation and may require additional structural support.


Acrylic Sheet: Acrylic sheets are known for their impact resistance. They are less prone to shattering compared to glass, making them a safer choice, especially in environments with active or large aquatic inhabitants.

Glass: While glass is sturdy, it is more susceptible to cracking and breaking upon impact. This makes it less suitable for environments where there is a risk of collisions or heavy external forces.

Design Flexibility

Acrylic Sheet: Acrylic sheets offer greater design flexibility. They can be easily molded into various shapes, allowing for creative and customized designs. This flexibility is particularly appealing for uniquely shaped aquariums or pools.

Glass: Glass is rigid and may have limitations in terms of design. While it can still be shaped and customized to some extent, it may not offer the same level of versatility as acrylic.

Thermal Insulation

Acrylic Sheet: Acrylic has better thermal insulation properties than glass. This means that maintaining a stable temperature within the pool or fish tank may be more energy-efficient with acrylic.

Glass: Glass has lower thermal insulation capabilities, potentially leading to increased energy consumption for temperature control, especially in larger installations.


Acrylic Sheet: Acrylic sheets are generally more cost-effective than glass, especially for larger projects. The lower weight of acrylic can also result in reduced installation costs.

Glass: Glass tends to be more expensive, and the costs may escalate with larger and thicker installations. Additionally, the need for additional support structures can contribute to higher overall expenses.

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