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Customized pool factory with clear acrylic viewing panel from China - Leyu

Acrylic swimming pool window - Leyu Acrylic is one of the professional plexiglass manufacturers 、suppliers and installers in China. Acrylic panels can be custom produced in any shape and size.
  • Acrylic Sheet

  • Leyu

  • LY20231017

  • Mitsubishi Corporation Lucite brand acrylic raw material

  • 20-800mm

  • Swimming Pool Acrylic aquarium

  • Wooden box, iron frame

  • Provide technical guidance and on-site installation services

  • Transparency reaches 92%

  • Can customize cylindrical cylinders of different sizes

  • Uvioresistant

  • 5000 tons

  • Clear transparency, 92%

  • various shapes


Product Description

Why Import Acrylic Swimming Pool from China?

How Strong is Acrylic Above Ground Pool? Can these Acrylic Pools Break?

What types of acrylic swimming pools are generally available on the market?

Acrylic glass swimming pool manufacturer, Leyu Acrylic Aquarium Factory is a professional manufacturer of acrylic panels. The factory was established in 1996.

Leyu Acrylic Factory is a large-scale comprehensive company that specializes in the design, production, installation, and construction of acrylic swimming pool manufacturers and pool architecture experts.

Acrylic sheets - Factory Direct Sales Price - Leyu

Leyu Factory specializes in producing Acrylic sheets - Factory Direct Sales Price. The main thickness is 20mm-800mm, transparent, sturdy, and UV resistant.

The acrylic panels produced by Leyu not only make acrylic swimming pools, but also can be used to produce large fish tanks, underwater tunnels, and landscape windows. Leyu undertakes 80 ocean park projects worldwide.

Acrylic sheets - Factory Direct Sales Price,It's your best choice, welcome to consult.


Acrylic Window - Leyu


Acrylic Swimming Pool - Leyu

侧板 (70)

Acrylic swimming pool - Leyu

Why Import Acrylic Swimming Pool from China?

There are several reasons why one might consider importing an acrylic swimming pool from China:

1. Cost-Effective:

Acrylic swimming pools manufactured in China are often more cost-effective compared to those produced in other countries. China has a well-established manufacturing industry with competitive pricing, making it a cost-effective option for importing acrylic pools.

2. Quality:

Chinese manufacturers are known for producing high-quality acrylic products. By importing from China, you can benefit from the expertise and experience of manufacturers who specialize in acrylic pool production.

3. Customization Options:

Chinese manufacturers often offer a wide range of customization options for acrylic swimming pools. Whether you have specific design requirements or need a custom-sized pool, Chinese manufacturers can accommodate your needs.

4. Wide Variety:

China has a wide variety of acrylic swimming pool manufacturers, offering a diverse range of pool designs, sizes, and features. This variety allows you to choose a pool that best suits your preferences and requirements.

5. Efficient Production and Delivery:

Chinese manufacturers are known for their efficiency in production and delivery. They have the capacity to handle large orders and can deliver products in a timely manner, ensuring that you receive your acrylic pool on schedule.

6. Industry Expertise:

China has a strong presence in the acrylic manufacturing industry, with many manufacturers specializing in acrylic products. By importing from China, you can benefit from the industry expertise and innovation that Chinese manufacturers bring to the table.

Overall, importing an acrylic swimming pool from China can be a cost-effective and efficient way to acquire a high-quality, customized pool that meets your specifications and preferences.


Acrylic swimming pool installation


Acrylic swimming pool installation


Acrylic swimming pool installation

How Strong is Acrylic Above Ground Pool? Can these Acrylic Pools Break?

Acrylic above ground pools are known for their strength and durability. Acrylic is a strong and impact-resistant material, making it suitable for pool construction. When properly installed and maintained, acrylic pools can withstand normal wear and tear, as well as environmental factors.

However, like any pool material, acrylic pools can potentially break under certain circumstances. Some factors that could contribute to acrylic pool breakage include:

1. Impact:

Acrylic pools can be damaged if subjected to a significant impact from heavy objects or sharp tools. Care should be taken to avoid hitting the acrylic surface with force.

2. Extreme Temperatures:

Acrylic can expand and contract with temperature changes. Sudden and extreme temperature fluctuations could potentially stress the acrylic material and lead to cracking or breakage.

3. Improper Installation:

If an acrylic pool is not installed correctly or on a stable foundation, it may be more prone to structural issues that could result in breakage over time.

4. Chemical Damage:

Harsh chemicals or improper chemical balance in the pool water can degrade the acrylic material over time, potentially leading to weakening and eventual breakage.

Overall, acrylic above ground pools are designed to be strong and durable, but they are not indestructible. Proper care, maintenance, and following manufacturer guidelines for use and maintenance are essential to prevent potential breakage and ensure the longevity of the acrylic pool.

Acrylic pool window - Glass panels for swimming pools, acrylic or glass recommended?

Leyu is a professional manufacturer of acrylic swimming pool factory, why recommend acrylic swimming pool window, rather than Glass panels for swimming pools, because acrylic sheet plasticity, strong and durable, and transparency of more than 93%, and UV resistance, can ensure outdoor use for 30 years without discoloration.


Acrylic material is more sturdy and durable

Acrylic Pool Windows - Glass Panels for Swimming Pools - Leyu

Acrylic material can be used for 20 years

What types of acrylic swimming pools are generally available on the market?

Acrylic swimming pools can be divided into several different types in terms of design and functionality:

1. Embedded Acrylic Swimming Pool:

This type of acrylic swimming pool is embedded in the ground or on the terrace and usually requires professional installation and fixing. Embedded acrylic swimming pools are commonly found in places such as private residences and hotels.

2. Suspended Acrylic Swimming Pool:

A suspended acrylic swimming pool is suspended from the edge of a building or site through brackets or support structures, creating the effect of being suspended in the air. This design is often used in high-rise building or landscape design projects.

3. Indoor Acrylic Swimming Pool:

The indoor acrylic swimming pool is located inside the building, and acrylic panels are usually used in the indoor swimming pool area to enclose the swimming pool. This type of pool is suitable for swimming in any season or weather condition.

4. Outdoor Acrylic Swimming Pool:

Outdoor acrylic swimming pools are usually located in an outdoor environment and can be independent pools or combined with courtyard landscaping. This type of swimming pool provides a place for outdoor swimming and relaxation.

5. Customized acrylic swimming pool:

Customized acrylic swimming pools can be customized according to customer needs and design requirements, including shape, size, color and special functions. This type of pool offers more creative and personalization options.

These different types of acrylic swimming pools differ in design and use, and the appropriate type can be selected based on site conditions, personal preferences and needs.


Acrylic Plate - L shape

Acrylic Swimming Pool Maker - Swimming Pool Building Expert

Acrylic Plate S-shaped - Pool Wall

Advantages and requirements of a transparent Acrylic swimming pool

This type of swimming pool is gaining popularity, not only for private use, but also for creating unique and exclusive spaces in hotels, spas, campsites, residential developments and similar environments.

Its infinite design options make it possible to create a completely personalized transparent acrylic pool adapted to the space where it is to be installed.

The transparent materials offer a unique experience which increases the attractiveness of the swimming pool, both for its direct use and also for the environment in which it is located, enhancing a pool terrace or bar, for example, for those who want to relax beside an architectural project of this kind.

On a practical level, the glass or acrylic pools are highly resistant to impact and chemical corrosion and have maximum durability so they can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Design recommendations

The acrylic pools are even more attractive if they are located in prime settings, where owners or clients can admire the natural surroundings.

Suspended in the air with different elements of water and lights, it includes two different levels and offers a visual and relaxing experience like no other.

But aerial installation is not the only recommended option for these pools. The transparency of their construction also offers very good results when it can be admired from the outside at lower levels.

A swimming pool that can be admired from a restaurant on the floor below, or even from a lower room in a house, are creative and eye-catching solutions that offer not only endless possibilities but also an element of surprise for guests and users.

The care taken in the design and installation is equally as important as other accessories that emphasise the style of these pools. Waterfall showers, or other water features, help to enhance the exclusivity of these pools.

We also suggest choosing original finishes. For example, overflowing acrylic pools, in which we merge the transparency of their design with the ‘infinity’ sensation, are very attractive options in any project.


Leyu Acrylic is a company integrating large-scale aquarium engineering construction, acrylic sheet production, large-scale ocean theme park planning and design, overall design of aquarium, commercial complex aquarium design, ocean restaurant design, acrylic infinity swimming pool, underwater landscaping, etc. A professional aquarium engineering company. The acrylic panels produced by Shanghai Blue Lake Professional Construction Company have a maximum one-time panel size of 10*3m, can be seamlessly spliced, and a panel thickness of up to 800mm. They have the advantages of high compression resistance and fracture resistance.

Leyu Acrylic has a professional high-temperature drying room for acrylic sheets, which can produce various acrylic sheet shapes, such as arc, S-shape, cylindrical, etc. The company is at the internationally advanced level in professional technologies such as seamless splicing and installation of acrylic thick plates.

Leyu Acrylic has a professional project planning, planning, design team and construction team. It is a professional company that realizes contract construction, equipment production, investment development, and operation management in large-scale international cultural tourism projects. The company can investigate and understand the investment market for customers, analyze and predict market trends, and provide investment budget, plan creation, design and construction until project completion operation and management services with the full approval of the owner.

The professional and technical personnel of Leyu Acrylic have undertaken various swimming pool and aquarium projects at home and abroad. They are particularly good at operating large and medium-sized aquariums, oceanographic museums, underwater world themes, polar pavilions, underwater restaurants, infinity swimming pools and other projects. In this professional field, the company has mature experience and implementation performance.

Leyu curved acrylic board

Leyu curved acrylic board

Acrylic Swimming Pool Maker - Swimming Pool Building Expert

Leyu U-shaped acrylic sheet


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