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Custom acrylic swimming pool panel of any thickness- Leyu

Leyu acrylic provides the most competitive prices to fulfil your needs and offer best acrylic swimming pool customzation to delight your customers. Choose us as your expert supplier now!
  • acrylic pool wall

  • Leyu

  • LY20231017

  • Mitsubishi Corporation Lucite brand acrylic raw material

  • 20-800mm

  • Swimming Pool Acrylic aquarium

  • Wooden box, iron frame

  • Provide technical guidance and on-site installation services

  • Transparency reaches 92%

  • Can customize cylindrical cylinders of different sizes

  • Uvioresistant

  • 5000 tons

  • Clear transparency, 92%

  • various shapes


Product Description

Acrylic pool panel manufacturer, LEYU Acrylic Aquarium Factory is a professional acrylic sheet manufacturer. The factory was established in 1996.

LEYU is the leading installer of acrylic pool wall panels for residential and commercial projects across the world. With over 27 years of experience in acrylic pool manufacturing, our team has designed, built and installed complete acrylic pools and glass wall pool panels for homes, hotels, public aquariums and museums.

As an acrylic pool panel manufacturer, what are the advantages of Leyu Acrylic Aquarium Factory?

Leyu Acrylic Aquarium Factory was established in 1996. With more than 20 years of production experience, it provides acrylic pool plate production and installation services, with stable product quality and superb installation technology.

With the rise in popularity of unique swimming pool and wall designs we can create seamless see through windows for better viewing, clear glass wall pools on an infinity pool overlooking a spectacular view or a see through curved acrylic panel spa inside a pool. If you can imagine it, our experienced team of custom swimming pool designers can build it.

The LEYU team are leading experts with a long history in waterproofing for acrylic pool panel installations.  Because of the porous nature of concrete, this is one of the most important aspects of a successful glass wall pool installation.  By creating a custom waterproof barrier between the concrete and the glazing system, water cannot pass through, limiting leak issues and additional liabilities for the life of the pool.

Leyu Acrylic Aquarium Factory

Applications of acrylic swimming pools

In this modern era, private swimming pools are considered a luxury, increasing the market value of the property and making them a great investment for your future. With the development of the economy, people are paying more and more attention to investment in personal entertainment projects. Building a private swimming pool in the backyard of the home has become a new trend. Acrylic glass swimming pools are at the forefront of the swimming pool industry among different types of swimming pools. Acrylic swimming pools are a symbol of comfort and luxury, as well as beauty. Acrylic pools use acrylic panels, also known as plexiglass, to make the pool walls instead of the actual glass material used in ordinary glass wall pools.

This acrylic panel outperforms typical glass in strength and durability. Additionally, acrylic sheets are easily molded into any shape and size. This creates countless possible customization options for an acrylic pool. They enhance the elegance of the property and attract more buyers. It increases the market value of the property and also makes it a great investment for the future. Apart from all these advantages of acrylic pools, there are also some disadvantages of having an acrylic pool in your house. The various properties of acrylic pools and their pros and cons are discussed below.

The high light transmittance of acrylic sheets makes people feel that they have no boundaries and are novel and extraordinary. Although it is called "borderless," it is not truly borderless. Still, through the high light transmittance of the acrylic material and the water boundary in the pool, combined with the special structure of the edge, it is cleverly hidden, making the swimming pool achieve a seemingly endless effect. Acrylic has good surface hardness and gloss, and considerable processing plasticity. It is not limited to straight lines, streamlines, arcs, triangles, etc., and can be shaped into any creative shape. In addition, its refractive index is very similar to that of water, so the light passing through is only slightly distorted, and the good visual transparency makes the pool look lovely.

LEYU acrylic pool wall

Durability of Acrylic Pools

The strengths of acrylic swimming pool

Due to the properties of acrylic panels, generally an acrylic pool will be very durable. Acrylic swimming pools do not need to be repaired or replaced frequently.

They have high impact resistance.

Acrylic pools are also strong and less likely to crack or break easily.

Weaknesses of acrylic swimming pool

This longevity comes at a price. If low-quality acrylic sheets are exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time, they may undergo undesirable changes, such as yellowing, causing the entire acrylic sheet to become opaque and appear aged. However, the acrylic panels produced by Leyu Acrylic are all UV-resistant and will not have this problem.

Artistic characteristics of acrylic swimming pools

Acrylic pools are a symbol of aesthetics in the modern world. Aesthetics plays a leading role in today's world trends. Acrylic materials allow approximately 90% to 92% light transmission, providing excellent transparency. There are countless possible options to customize the aesthetics of your acrylic pool.


Acrylic sheets are easily molded into any shape and size, giving customers flexibility and freedom of choice.

There are different layout options like geometric or free form layout design acrylic pool.


The surface of acrylic panels is easily scratched and requires regular maintenance.

Glass Swimming Pools Vs Acrylic Swimming Pools?

LEYU acrylic pool wall

Glass Swimming Pool Vs Acrylic Swimming Pool?

Both glass and acrylic pool windows have their own advantages and disadvantages, which should be taken into consideration when deciding which material to use for your pool windows. Here are the pros and cons of each material.

Acrylic swimming pool windows:


Impact Resistance: Acrylic is more impact resistant than glass and is less likely to break when subjected to pressure or impact.

More flexible:

Acrylic is more flexible than glass and can be formed into different shapes and sizes.

Easy to install:

Acrylic is easier to install than glass and does not require specialized installation skills.

More plasticity:

Acrylic is easier to plasticize and can be customized with various curvatures and curved surfaces to increase the sense of design.


Not resistant to scratches:

Acrylic scratches more easily than glass, which can affect its appearance over time.

Poor heat resistance:

Acrylic has lower heat resistance than glass and may not be suitable for heated pools.

Less Traditional Look:

Acrylic has a more modern look that may not appeal to some people.

Price drawback:

Acrylic is generally more expensive than glass.

Glass swimming pool:


Scratch Resistant:

Glass is more scratch resistant than acrylic and therefore more durable in the long run.

Higher heat resistance:

Glass can withstand higher temperatures than acrylic, which is important for heated pools.

More Resistant to Chemical Damage:

Glass is less reactive and more resistant to chemical damage than acrylic.

A more traditional look:

Some people may prefer the more traditional look of Google Glass.


Glass is generally cheaper than acrylic, which can be a disadvantage for those on a tight budget.


 More brittle:

Glass is more brittle than acrylic and may break if impacted or stressed.


Glass is heavier than acrylic and may require additional structural support.

 More difficult to install:

Glass requires more professional installation techniques than acrylic.

All in all, the choice between glass and acrylic pool windows will depend on factors such as budget, aesthetic preference, and the specific requirements of your swimming pool. Both materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it's important to consider these factors carefully before making a decision. Although acrylic is more expensive than glass, in large aquarium projects, acrylic is used more frequently due to safety and design requirements.

Where Is Acrylic Used in Place of Glass?

1."Sneeze guards" or barriers used at restaurants, in front of cash register stands, or at bank and receptionist windows;

2.Recreational and farm vehicle windshields;

3.Fish tanks and aquariums;

4.Eyeglasses and sunglasses;

5.Commercial windows and doors;

6.Television and electronics' screens;


8.Windows in airplanes and submarines

9.Mirrors in commercial spaces

10.Signs and displays in retail and commercial spaces

Contact for Custom Acrylic Manufacturing

In today's life, the application of acrylic is everywhere, if you are also considering making acrylic swimming pool, acrylic fish tank such products, welcome to contact Leyu Plexiglass products factory, let us jointly customize your "acrylic aquarium world".Let Leyu acrylic footsteps all over the world


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