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Acrylic pool cost - one stop solution for swimming pool- Leyu

The view into the side of acrylic swimming pools gives you the impression that you are looking into the vast and open ocean. These acryic swimming pools have a calming effect on people.
  • acrylic pool wall

  • Leyu

  • LY20231017

  • Mitsubishi Corporation Lucite brand acrylic raw material

  • 20-800mm

  • Swimming Pool Acrylic aquarium

  • Wooden box, iron frame

  • Provide technical guidance and on-site installation services

  • Transparency reaches 92%

  • Can customize cylindrical cylinders of different sizes

  • Uvioresistant

  • 5000 tons

  • Clear transparency, 92%

  • various shapes


Product Description

Introduction to Leyu acrylic swimming pool panels

About acrylic material

About on-site installation 

Acrylic swimming pool design

Acrylic pool panel manufacturer, LEYU Acrylic Aquarium Factory is a professional acrylic sheet manufacturer. The factory was established in 1996.

LEYU is the leading installer of acrylic pool wall panels for residential and commercial projects across the world. With over 27 years of experience in acrylic pool manufacturing, our team has designed, built and installed complete acrylic pools and glass wall pool panels for homes, hotels, public aquariums and museums.

Classic Supported On 3-Sides Window Swimming Pool - Leyu

Introduction to Leyu acrylic swimming pool panels

Acrylic swimming pool panels are made of highly transparent polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) material, which has excellent physical and chemical properties.

It has excellent weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance and UV resistance, so it can maintain stable performance in various climate conditions.

In addition, acrylic swimming pool panels also have high impact strength and compressive strength, can withstand greater pressure and impact, and are not easily broken or deformed.

Acrylic swimming pool panels have high transparency and can present clear and pure swimming pool water quality, allowing people to enjoy swimming more comfortably.

Its appearance is smooth and delicate, not easy to be stained with dirt, easy to clean and maintain, and can maintain a brand new appearance after long-term use.

In addition, acrylic swimming pool panels are also very durable and can maintain good performance for a long time, reducing the frequency of replacement and maintenance costs.

The materials used in acrylic swimming pool panels are non-toxic and odorless, comply with relevant national health standards, and will not cause harm to water quality or the human body.

In addition, the acrylic swimming pool panel is smooth and delicate, and does not easily trap dirt and evil. It can effectively reduce the growth of bacteria and algae and maintain the water quality of the swimming pool.

At the same time, acrylic swimming pool panels also have good anti-slip properties, which can ensure people's safety when swimming.

Acrylic pool panels are modular in design, making installation quick and easy, requiring no special tools or skills.

During the installation process, it will not cause pollution to the surrounding environment, nor will it affect the normal use of the swimming pool.

Additionally, maintenance of acrylic pool panels is very simple and only requires regular cleaning and inspection.

Acrylic swimming pool panels are suitable for various types of swimming pools, such as family swimming pools, public swimming pools, commercial swimming pools, etc.

Its excellent performance and wide range of applications make acrylic swimming pool panels one of the most popular swimming pool materials on the market.

U-shaped swimming pool - Leyu

About acrylic material

In many large aquarium and swimming pool projects, glass has been replaced by acrylic for several reasons. Acrylic is more feasible - it can be made into larger, thicker panels, and it remains clear regardless of thickness, where glass starts to take on the green tint. Perhaps most importantly in terms of safety, acrylics provide a hint before they fail (cracking), whereas glass tends to explode.

Acrylic panels are made in a furnace, so panels that can be formed in one go are limited in size, and oversize is a big problem for transportation. But for longer panels, Leyu acrylic can be seamlessly spliced together on site, allowing for more design possibilities. Or they can be connected with mullions, which are thin vertical separators between panels.

When wanting to create a double-sided acrylic wall, it is sometimes possible to fuse two panels together to create a seamless look. But some manufacturers limit the time for corner melting. For example, the panel thickness of one mobile phone cannot exceed 3.5 inches.



U-shaped swimming pool - Leyu

About on-site installation

Most swimming pool builders do not install acrylic windows or panels. They rely on professional installers or manufacturers to provide this service. These experts have their own methods.

There is a difference between windows mounted on four sides and those acrylic walls that may act as disappearing edges. For the latter application, the installer must work to prevent the walls from rotating because they are not supported at the top. To do this, the acrylic walls must be placed in a deep groove in the floor—at least three times the thickness of the acrylic—and then filled with non-shrink grout.

On the other hand, windows supported by casing on all sides should be at least the same thickness as the panels. If you have a 4-inch thick panel, then it should have at least 4 inches of bearing all around it, meaning it's going to go into the concrete that much.

When forming the area around the window, the opening should be large enough to provide at least another inch of clearance to make room for the blocks, support rods, and sealant that the installer will use to secure the panel and set it in place. When determining this, be sure to consult a professional acrylic installer, Leyu Acrylic will be more than happy to assist you

While manufacturers or professional installers will often have their own installation methods, it's important for pool builders to know what to expect so they can act accordingly. For example, provide adequate space for blocks, support rods, and other equipment used to set up and connect panels.

The pool shell will be thicker than acrylic or glass panels. Generally, designers like to place the windows flush with the inside of the pool, so that there is a recessed area in the wall. This is called a kickback.

Kickback isn't just a byproduct of needing thicker walls or floors than acrylic or glass - it plays a key role in supporting the panels. You need the concrete structure to cover the back of the window to prevent it from popping out. "

Classic Supported On 3-Sides Window Swimming Pool - Leyu

Acrylic swimming pool design

When planning a swimming pool with acrylic panels, designers must consider several removable parts to ensure they are long-lasting and beautiful.

No matter what type of swimming pool, aesthetics is the primary consideration. A well-designed swimming pool can add charm to the building; the waterproofing of the swimming pool requires not only the use of correct caulking, grouting and waterproofing agents, but also the design of a panel that can support the panel. structure.

It is generally recommended that the area around the panels be made of cast-in-place concrete, which will leave a cleaner, flatter, smoother surface, making it easier to keep the glass straight and apply a waterproofing membrane.

•Tidying Notes: In order to keep it as tidy as possible, pay attention to protecting the edges of the acrylic panel when installing the panel to avoid damage to the acrylic panel during installation.

•Expansion/Contraction: Because it is a relatively soft material, acrylic expands and contracts more easily than concrete. Therefore, transparent panels expand more when hot and shrink more when cold. Maybe the pool moved 1/4600 of an inch, but the panel might have moved ⅛ of an inch or more. For this reason, flexible grouts and waterproofing agents are often used, although each manufacturer and professional installer has their own recommendations. If you have any confusion in this regard, please feel free to consult Leyu Acrylic.

This is especially important when it comes to acrylic siding used to create infinity pools. Not only will the panel expand and contract from side to side, but it will grow taller in high temperatures and shrink and shorten in cold temperatures. Consider this when using acrylic panels as pool walls for your infinity pool. Try to avoid installations in extreme temperatures and design hydraulic systems accordingly: when walls get taller, water still needs to escape. Therefore, when designing hydraulic systems, consider that there is more water in the transportation process. Additionally, prepare service technicians, operators, or homeowners to adjust flow rates as needed during extreme temperatures. This is especially important with a double-sided vanishing edge, or when the vanishing edge meets an overflow chute, as you need to ensure water spills from all sides.

•Build Expectation: Indeed, acrylic panels can add another layer of shock on their own. But this only happens from certain vantage points.

Like the edge of an infinity pool, the illusion won't hold true from every angle and distance. An acrylic base wall can make your pool look like a block of ice from some angles, but reflections and refractions can make it look like a solid wall from other angles.

•Keep it clean: On the other hand, a key aspect of acrylic’s appeal is its crystal clarity, especially when viewed up close. This means that, from some locations, you can see everything going on in the pool. Alternatively, thicker acrylic can act as a magnifying glass. This can cause problems if certain measures are not taken.

To address this issue, designers should increase filtration, using cartridge filters or diatomaceous earth to filter smaller particles, especially on commercial units where usage is higher.

But this is a simple solution. Even more problematic are workmanship errors, which can show through acrylics. Defects and irregularities in step forming or in-house machining are magnified. To make matters worse, any sloppiness in the joinery between the panels and pool shell also becomes apparent. Caulking or a layer of setting material on that end won't be very attractive.

To help mask the latter problem, panels should be painted where they come into contact with the concrete. If it will be set 4 inches in the shell, then the 4 inch edges should be painted. If the panel will be flush with one side of the floor or wall, the flush side should not be painted as it will be visible. This means builders have to know exactly how much of the edge of the acrylic will come into contact with the concrete so they can apply the right amount of paint. If you apply too little, caulking, etc. will appear in the unpainted areas.


Leyu Acrylic has invested for more than 20 years, integrating the production, production and sales of organic glass sheets, putting product quality first.  It can produce various plates with a thickness of 30-800mm and can be seamlessly connected at any length.  The projects are spread across major cities in the country and exported to dozens of countries such as South Korea, North Korea and the United States. .  Currently it exports technology to all continents and manufactures special boards for all types of implementations.  Large size pieces, curved acrylic, acrylic cylinders, acrylic water tanks, swimming pool overflow walls, underwater windows, portholes, etc.

Unbeatable installation experience.

Advanced Aquarium Technologies – which owns LEYU Acrylics – has installed, waterproofed and sealed some of the world’s largest water-retaining windows.

Our approach to pool window installations is informed by 27 years of experience building aquariums.

Acrylic design

Customised for each pool.

No two projects are the same.

We listen to your vision and requirements and help find the right combination of price and performance for your swimming pool.

Every PLEXIGLAS® window we produce and deliver is unique.


Consult Your Leyu Acrylic Aquarium Experts

We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your acrylic aquarium need, on-time and on-budget.
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