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What are the advantages of U-shaped swimming pool Leyu Professional Customized U-shaped Acrylic Swimming Pool - Leyu

U-shaped swimming pool, choose the shape of your future swimming pool, Leyu Aquarium acrylic factory, professionally designed and customized U-shaped acrylic swimming pool. The U-shaped design allows the swimming pool to be infinitely enlarged, adding endless fun.
  • acrylic pool wall

  • Leyu

  • LY20231017

  • Mitsubishi Corporation Lucite brand acrylic raw material

  • 20-800mm

  • Swimming Pool Acrylic aquarium

  • Wooden box, iron frame

  • Provide technical guidance and on-site installation services

  • Transparency reaches 92%

  • Can customize cylindrical cylinders of different sizes

  • Uvioresistant

  • 5000 tons

  • Clear transparency, 92%

  • various shapes


Product Description

Acrylic pool panel manufacturer, LEYU Acrylic Aquarium Factory is a professional acrylic sheet manufacturer. The factory was established in 1996.

LEYU is the leading installer of acrylic pool wall panels for residential and commercial projects across the world. With over 27 years of experience in acrylic pool manufacturing, our team has designed, built and installed complete acrylic pools and glass wall pool panels for homes, hotels, public aquariums and museums.

Classic Supported On 3-Sides Window Swimming Pool - Leyu

U-shaped swimming pool - Leyu


U shaped swimming pool is a popular choice among homeowners and resorts due to its unique design and functionality. This type of pool offers several advantages, making it an attractive option for those seeking a refreshing and enjoyable swimming experience.



Firstly, U-shaped swimming pool provides ample space for various activities.


The curved ends of the pool allow for separate areas designated for different purposes. One end can be used for recreational activities such as water games or lounging, while the other end can be reserved for lap swimming or exercise. This versatility makes U shaped pools suitable for both relaxation and fitness purposes.



Additionally, U-shaped swimming pool creates a visually appealing aesthetic that enhances the overall ambiance of any outdoor space.


The symmetrical curves add elegance and sophistication to the pool area, making it an inviting focal point in any landscape design. Whether surrounded by lush greenery or overlooking breathtaking views, a U shaped swimming pool adds beauty to its surroundings.



Moreover, U-shaped swimming pool layout promotes better circulation and flow within the water.


The curved ends help prevent stagnant areas by allowing water to circulate more efficiently throughout the entire pool. This not only improves water quality but also enhances safety by minimizing potential hazards associated with poor circulation.



Furthermore, U-shaped swimming pool offer increased privacy compared to traditional rectangular pools.


With their enclosed shape, they provide natural barriers from neighboring properties or public spaces without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. This aspect makes them particularly desirable in residential settings where privacy is valued.



In terms of maintenance, U-shaped swimming pool , Easier to clean and maintain.


U-shaped swimming pool are relatively easy to clean and maintain due to their compact size compared to larger complex designs like infinity pools or irregular shapes with multiple corners. Regular cleaning routines involving skimming debris off the surface and maintaining proper chemical balance are generally sufficient in keeping these pools pristine.





A U-shaped swimming pool presents numerous benefits ranging, from versatile usage options to enhanced aesthetics and improved circulation within the water itself. Its popularity stems from its ability to cater to various needs while adding value and visual appeal wherever it is installed.

U-shaped swimming pool - Leyu



What are the advantages of U-shaped acrylic swimming pool?


U-shaped acrylic swimming pools offer several advantages compared to traditional pool designs.  


Firstly, the U-shape provides a unique and aesthetically pleasing look to the pool.


The curved edges create a visually appealing and modern design that can enhance the overall appearance of any outdoor space.


Secondly, U-shaped acrylic swimming pools offer better functionality and versatility.


The shape allows for different areas within the pool, such as shallow lounging sections or deeper areas for diving. This flexibility in design caters to various preferences and activities, making it suitable for both relaxation and recreation purposes.



Additionally, U-shaped acrylic swimming pools are known for their durability and longevity.



Acrylic is a strong material that resists cracking, fading, and damage caused by UV rays or chemicals commonly used in pool maintenance. This ensures that the pool remains in excellent condition over time with minimal maintenance required.



Moreover, U-shaped acrylic swimming pools provide enhanced safety features compared to other types of pools.


The smooth surface of acrylic reduces the risk of injuries from slips or falls when entering or exiting the pool. Additionally, some models come with built-in safety measures like non-slip steps or handrails to further ensure user safety.



Furthermore, U-shaped acrylic swimming pools offer improved insulation properties compared to traditional concrete or vinyl-lined pools.


 Acrylic acts as an effective insulator by retaining heat more efficiently than other materials. This means that water temperature can be maintained at a comfortable level for longer periods without excessive energy consumption.



Lastly, U-shaped acrylic swimming pools often come with customizable options such as integrated lighting systems or water features like fountains or jets.


These additional features not only enhance visual appeal but also contribute to creating a relaxing ambiance while enjoying your swim.



In conclusion, U-shaped acrylic swimming pools have numerous advantages including aesthetic appeal, functional versatility.



Durability,safety features,insulation properties,and customization options.These benefits make them an attractive choice for individuals seeking an enjoyable and long-lasting addition to their outdoor living spaces.

U-shaped swimming pool - Leyu

Classic Supported On 3-Sides Window Swimming Pool

What is the classic supported three-sided window swimming pool?

Classic Supported On 3-Sides Window Swimming Pool is a remarkable architectural feature that combines elegance and functionality. The classic three sided window swimming pool is designed with acrylic panels on the three walls, also known as a U-shaped swimming pool.

The classic supported on 3-sides window swimming pool offers a visually stunning experience for swimmers and spectators alike. The transparent walls provide an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape, creating a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether it's nestled within a lush garden or overlooking a breathtaking cityscape, this type of swimming pool allows individuals to enjoy their surroundings while engaging in recreational activities.

From a functional perspective, the three-sided support structure ensures stability and safety. By utilizing strong materials such as reinforced glass or acrylic panels, architects can create secure enclosures that withstand water pressure effectively. This structural integrity enables individuals to swim with peace of mind, knowing that they are protected by reliable construction methods.

Moreover, the classic supported on 3-sides window swimming pool promotes natural lighting and ventilation. The transparent walls allow sunlight to penetrate into the space during daytime hours, reducing reliance on artificial lighting sources. Additionally, fresh air circulation is enhanced through strategic placement of windows or vents around the perimeter of the pool area.

In conclusion, Classic Supported On 3-Sides Window Swimming Pool represents an innovative approach towards combining aesthetics with functionality in architecture. Its ability to seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor spaces while ensuring stability makes it an attractive choice for those seeking both visual appeal and practicality in their swimming pools.

Classic Supported On 3-Sides Window Swimming Pool - Leyu


Acrylic panels are not brittle like tempered glass and therefore you will never have a crack or have a“spiderweb” ding on your window or custom pools design.

Acrylic is second to none when it comes to“repairs” and “Installation”. If glass is scratched it can not be repaired where acrylic can be repolished and refinished without draining water.

Acrylic has the same refractive index as water so the thickness of the panel is not apparent when you are looking through it. It appears as paper thin.

Durability of an outdoor acrylic pool panel is almost unbreakable and impact resistant.

Acrylic can bring any imagination to life with the ease of formability.

Unlimited size and scaleability.

Visibility and clarity is unbeatable as acrylic allows 92% of light transmission.

Ability to create acrylic walls that look nice on sea through swimming pools.

Reimagine your swimming pool with PLEXIGLAS®

PLEXIGLAS® walls, windows and other features are unleashing a new wave of dramatic and iconic above ground swimming pools that are stunning, fabulous to use and enhance property values.

Classic Supported On 3-Sides Window Swimming Pool - Leyu

Unbeatable installation experience.

Advanced Aquarium Technologies – which owns LEYU Acrylics – has installed, waterproofed and sealed some of the world’s largest water-retaining windows.

Our approach to pool window installations is informed by 27 years of experience building aquariums.

Acrylic design

Customised for each pool.

No two projects are the same.

We listen to your vision and requirements and help find the right combination of price and performance for your swimming pool.

Every PLEXIGLAS® window we produce and deliver is unique.

Classic Supported On 3-Sides Window Swimming Pool - Leyu

Acrylic Pools

Why not use glass for swimming pools? Acrylic panel

Including a transparent side, wall or window in a swimming pool is a trend!

However, construction techniques have evolved over the years and there is now a better option than glass for swimming pools: the acrylic panel.

We tell you about it!

Designs that usually include glass for swimming pools

One of the most attractive designs when building a pool focuses on the use of a glass wall. The glass for swimming pools is very striking in infinity pools when the end that faces the horizon is transparent and produces an effect of opening to infinity, very surprising.

It is also possible to see the glass in underwater windows, which are included in the pool shell to, for example, illuminate a spa or a gym located on a lower floor.

Without forgetting that it is also possible for an entire pool to be surrounded by glass, so that both its glass and its walls have been made of glass. This is the case, for example, of the famous Sky Pool, located in the Embassy Gardens building in London.

All these designs are still very much in force today. However, what has evolved is the material used. Although many builders continue to use glass or glass for swimming pools, you should know that the acrylic panel offers characteristics that are far superior to glass and is currently the best option on the market to create transparent walls or windows in the water.

Classic Supported On 3-Sides Window Swimming Pool - Leyu

Advantages of Acrylic Panel


Keep in mind that water presents a dynamic load. This means that when we swim in a pool, the water moves and the water pressure comes and goes. When these pressure changes occur, it is necessary to include a flexible material in the pool, which absorbs this dynamic load.

For this purpose, acrylic panels are ideal, given their high flexibility, which even allows molding in complete safety, both with concave and convex shapes.


When building a pool it is very important to take into account the weight of the materials used, especially if you want to build a pool in an attic or roof terrace.

You should know that, if we compare the pool glass with the acrylic panel, the latter weighs much less and is also stronger. Moreover, with the same installation, the weight of the glass is 4 times greater than the weight of the acrylic panel. It’s a lot of difference, don’t you think?


While the glass used in swimming pools is made up of several sheets of glass joined together, the acrylic panel does not have layers, but is custom-made, to the desired thickness.

This means that, in the event that the glass receives an impact, as it is not flexible, one of its layers or sheets could break more easily.

In addition to the consequence that it would have on the safety of the pool, there is another disadvantage from an aesthetic point of view, and it is the following: when glass is used, for example in an infinity pool, the user can see all the layers, negatively affecting the result. final.


What happens if a pool glass is scratched or worn? Unfortunately, glass is a very difficult material to polish. Quite the opposite of acrylic panels, which are easily polished even when placed in the pool.


Many types of pool glass tend to yellow and distort the image.

This does not happen with the acrylic panel for swimming pools, which offers up to 92% light transmission, excellent brightness and distortion-free vision, undoubtedly much better than glass.

Conclusion: Glass or Acrylic Panel?In some cases it may be enough to include glass in a pool. 

However, from  Pools we recommend that you always choose the acrylic panel as it offers much superior characteristics and, in the long term, it will not give you any kind of problem, it is 100% safe and it looks very aesthetic, especially when it is included in designer pools.

Classic Supported On 3-Sides Window Swimming Pool - Leyu


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