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Maldives' classic acrylic water feature restaurant --Under restaurant

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The Under restaurant is partially located on the sea surface and extends about 5 meters below the sea surface, creating a "sinking" effect.

The mysterious underwater world is always fascinating. What kind of experience would it be if you could dine leisurely on the seabed? In a small village at the top of Norway's southernmost coastline, an underwater restaurant called Under is about to open, which will become the first underwater restaurant in Europe. At this restaurant, diners can embark on a fantasy journey of "20,000 miles under the sea".

The Under restaurant partially leans on the rugged coastline and extends about 5 meters below the sea surface, creating a "sinking" effect. The restaurant is designed with three levels, allowing guests to have the feeling of constantly "sinking" into the seabed. First, guests enter the cloakroom area from the entrance, and then come to a champagne bar, which is the transition area between the coastline and the ocean. Next, a huge oak frame leads guests into the restaurant space. The dining table is placed in front of the huge panoramic window. Guests sitting in the restaurant can experience the wonderful experience of dining with marine life.

In order to withstand the pressure and impact from the ocean, the restaurant uses a concrete wall about 1 meter thick. The streamlined building is encapsulated in a rough concrete shell, which can attract mussels and other marine organisms to attach to the surface of the shell, while resisting the uncomfortable seabed environment. The restaurant also uses sturdy acrylic windows, and the silent lighting inside the restaurant is installed on the seabed. Through the bright windows, guests can enjoy the fascinating marine wildlife, and with the change of seasons and weather, they can enjoy different sea views.

The color layout of the restaurant is also full of stories. The characteristics of the champagne bar are inspired by the colors of the coastal zone, using soft tones to show the characteristics of seaside sediments such as shells, rocks and sand. Surrounded by riverbeds, seaweed and seawater, the restaurant part uses "dark blue" and "green" to show the charm of the ocean. The interior of the restaurant is also taken from natural materials such as oak, and the warm oak contrasts sharply with the rough concrete shell.

Built by the sea, seafood is naturally a specialty. The restaurant serves local freshly caught seafood such as cod, lobster and mussels. The restaurant uses heating pump technology to maintain the indoor temperature of the seabed, which can accommodate 100 people dining at the same time.

This magical restaurant was designed by the internationally renowned design studio Snøhetta. Since 1989, the studio has completed public cultural construction projects around the world, such as the Library of Alexandria in Egypt and the renovation of Times Square in New York. This participation in the design of the Under restaurant is the studio's first attempt at an underwater restaurant design project.

In fact, before the Under restaurant, the Maldives resort already had several underwater restaurants, focusing on the experience of "dining with marine life". The difference is that the Under restaurant is not only for dining, it is also a marine research center that can directly observe the seabed life through a panoramic window. At the same time, with the passage of time and the gathering of mollusks, the underwater part of the Under restaurant will become an artificial clam reef growing on the seabed, thereby better purifying the marine environment.

The design team said that the restaurant is regarded as part of the marine ecology and is committed to marine biology research. The restaurant welcomes marine biologists to visit. In addition, the construction of the Under restaurant is also a tribute to the Norwegian coast and Lindesnes, and a tribute to marine wildlife and the rocky coastline at the southern end of Norway.

Leyu Acrylic has also participated in the supply and installation of acrylic panels for many waterscape restaurants. If you also want to invest in such a project, please contact Leyu Acrylic.

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